Gear Review: Modlite’s ModButton Pressure Switch & Mounting Platform

Just when you think Modlite can’t come out with more cool shit, they hit the market with the ModButton. It’s a momentary-only switch as well as a SureFire Scout pattern mounting platform, which allows you to mount the switch and light in the same small area. Developed with Modlite’s partner Unity Tactical, it uses the Unity-built Surefire compatible lead to allow backward compatibility with Surefire, Arisaka, and Modlite Scout bodies as well as SureFire UE and DS00 tail caps.

Modlite ModButton


Modlight ModButton Product card

ModButton Design Features

The Mod Button power supply cord offers an advantage in that it corrects what older switches can’t. The older ones are not able to pass the current needed to run new generations of Modlite light heads like the OKW and PLH V2 at their designed outputs. The ModButton power supply cord is about twice the size of the surefire pressure switches, so the cord will work with the higher output lights that are currently being used, including Modlites weapon-mounted light.

The ModButton is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes and has more robust buttons than competing pressure switches.

It is also compatible with the Unity FUSION LightWing adapter which is designed to move the light further forward to clear lasers. The LightWing adapter also pushes the light out to reduce or eliminate shadow from barrels and suppressors. The LightWing is an additional purchase, but on you might want to make.


Mounting of the ModButton is quick and easy. I choose to use the right-hand LightWing adapter from Unity Tactical. For me, this placed the light just to the right at 3 o’clock position next to the muzzle. This is the position I am most used to when using a laser device like the Steiner Dbal or L3 Peq-15.

Once the Light wing was mounted via the two included screws, I mounted my Modlite flashlight to the light wing via its mounting surface with the second set of two included screws. Then loosing two Allen head screws I placed the ModButton, LightWing, and Modlite as close to the laser device as possible and tightened the screws. Bam, it was ready to go.

Modlight ModButton

ModButton Functionality

My first impressions of the ModButton was damn this thing is small and takes up such a minimum amount of space on my 12 O’clock rail. I was almost in disbelief.

The size of the ModButtons mounting area is awesome and frees up space on the rifle rail for other needed items like a laser or front sight. The ModButton takes less than half of the space as other button-activation brands. I can mount the Mod Button so close to my laser device that it’s very easy to move from the NVG unit and the white light. This makes it very easy to work with both systems due to the ability to mount them so close to each other, allowing the use of the visible laser and white light at the same time.

The pressure switch area was large enough to find even when I released my support hand to find the ModButton as the rifle moved to the target. The button surface was easy to depress allowing me to activate the light easily. The ModButton housing also has raised edges on each side of the button surface. This reduces the likely-hood of white light N.D.’s which is a very important feature on a fighting gun.

The ModButton is a momentary only switch as well as a Surefire scout pattern mounting platform, allowing you to mount the switch and light in the same small area.

Initial Use at the range

When I first took the Mod Button out to the range for use, I was again amazed at how easy it is to use and work with. The button surface is easy to find and activate. The buttons cover plastic is very easy to press and appears to be rugged as well.

I started with a few dry ready position “Ready ups” and activated the light at the same time my sight hit the intended target. I had zero issues activating the light with the ModButton.

During my range session, I worked with the activation of the ModButton while completing several high round count drills. These drills included the Half and Half and 15 in 15. Every time I used the ModButton the light worked and never flicked while rounds were being fired. The button was easy to keep activated even during the heavy recoil of these types of drills.

ModButton is an integrated momentary only switch and offset Scout mount .

After about two months using the Mod Button during multiple range sessions with high round counts the housing doesn’t have any damage and looks like it new.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a new pressure switch that will work with newly designed light that are using larger rechargeable batteries like the 18650, you are looking in the right place. The Modlite ModButton is a rugged and reliable pressure switch and mounting platform all in one.

Found on Modlite social media: A few different configurations of the Modbutton. When a Unity Lightwing is attached, it pushes the light to the side and further out. Great if you want to clear a laser or front sight post. #modularisbetter pc: @mochabear_actual
Found on Modlite social media: A few different configurations of the Modbutton. When a Unity Lightwing is attached, it pushes the light to the side and further out. Great if you want to clear a laser or front sight post. #modularisbetter pc: @mochabear_actual

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