Blood Train – and mens jewelry Jonah Hex would wear

Men’s jewelry mafiosi artisans Clocks and Colours have released a new short film called Blood Train, which you can watch below. It serves as an excellent way to show off many of their products — especially the ones Jonah Hex himself would wear.

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Take this one for instance.

Manly ring – Badlands

Clocks and Colours says, “In the early days of the Western Frontier, buffalo hunters employed gruesome tactics, often driving entire herds of bison over cliffs to their untimely demise. Let this ring serve as a reminder to never run with the herd.”

Mens Jewelry - Badlands ring III by Clocks and Colours

That’s pretty good advice, thinks we.

Or, these:

Men’s Jewelry – Stronghold Bracelet, Peacemaker, and Apollo

Mens Jewelry - manly rings by Clocks and Colours

That’s their Stronghold bracelet, above the Apollo and Peacemaker rings. The latter channels Sam Colt and his M1873 single action revolver.

See what we mean?

Jonah Hex

In any case, more of that below. Here’s the video. This is Blood Train.

Nicely done, we reckon, but then we’re the kinda folks who prefer Frederic Remington to Van Gogh (and make fun of Andy Warhol).

Anyway, here a few more examples of Clocks and Colours mens bracelets and rings. Check ’em out sometime.

Mens Jewelry - Badlands ring III by Clocks and Colours

Man Jewelry - Badlands ring by Clocks and Colours

Mens Jewelry - Badlands ring II by Clocks and Colours

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