MDT Oryx Chassis – one sexy damn bolt gun platform, says we (updated)

Oryx Rifle Chassis - from MDT
| March 11, 2019
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MDT (Modular Driven Technologies, a Canadian company) has been a big name in the chassis game over the last few years. I think they may offer the most inlets for different rifles out of any aluminum chassis manufacturer out there. A bit before SHOT Show a website for the Oryx Chassis popped up on the internet and it caused more than a little stir north of the border.

So we went to look for it.

MDT chassis: the Oryx rifle chassis on display at SHOT Show 2019.

The Oryx MDT rifle Chassis stirred things up in Canada with the arrival of its dedicated website.

The Oryx rifle chassis from Modular Driven Technologies (MDT).

Oryx — from Modular Driven Technologies

The Oryx is a pretty cool chassis, as it is an all in one deal. All you need is your favorite AICS compatible magazine (like the MDT AICS magazine) and you are off to the races. The rifle chassis is primarily made of aluminum with some polymer overlays.

MDT's Oryx rifle chassis is an all-encompassing platform.

The Modular Driven Technologies Oryx is virtually an all-in-one platform.

The cheek rest can be adjusted up and down when the two Allen-head bolts are loosened. No quick adjust to save on price. The length of pull is adjusted by the use of spacers.  The chassis comes with a stock and pistol grip, and the large flat sides of the forend are perfect for things like the Hog Saddle, allowing for a solid grip.

The MDT Oryx rifle chassis.

Length of pull on the Oryx is adjusted with spacers. 

Rifle chassis realistically priced – the Oryx is just a few hundred dollars

For around $400 USD or $500 CAD you get a full chassis ready for your action to drop in.  The chassis also comes set up so your barrel is free floated for better accuracy. The Oryx is certainly an interesting chassis option for hunters or new target shooters who might not have the money for more expensive features.

Oryx Rifle Chassis - from MDT

Oryx Rifle Chassis - from MDT

MDT knows how to make a no-nonsense chassis so we think this will go over well for them (certainly better than those poor bastards who had to make do with the Steyr M95).

Learn more online at the Oryx website.


MDT Modular Driven Technologies - online at Optics Planet

MDT Modular Driven Technologies online at Brownells Inc.

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