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October 6, 2016  
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If you read my review of the Polymer Magpacker for AR15’s in 5.56 and .223, you know that it’s my preferred method of loading mags. I knew they had an AR10 model available but wasn’t sure whether it would work for my SCAR 17s mags. I know that the two mags were similar but wasn’t a hundred percent sure, so I asked Brian W (co-owner of Magpacker). He wasn’t sure either, so he asked me to send him a 17s mag for a fit and function test. 

First Look: AR10 Polymer Magpacker

The AR10 Magpacker seemed to work fine loading .308 rounds into my 17s mag, but Brian wanted to make sure it would work flawlessly for the SCAR 17, PMAGs, and DPMS AR10 mags as well.


Brian had to redesign the mold with certain adjustments and not long after, he got it to work with all the different magazines.

I got my 17s mag, along with the new AR10 Magpacker in Tan (FDE) a few days later. The AR10 Magpacker is a bit different from the AR15 version. It is has rectangular shape and feeds the rounds in a straight channel instead of a curved one as seen on the AR15 and AK47 versions. It also does not have a reservoir like the AR15 Magpacker in order to keep its compact size, since .308 rounds aren’t narrow and short like the 5.56. It has round indicator markings for 10, 20 and 25.

I didn’t waste any time grabbing some .308 rounds to try it out for myself. Initially I was loading the mags on my patio floor since that’s where I was taking photos and videos, and I had trouble loading the last round. After talking with Brian, it ended up being operator error on my part and the technique of sitting on the floor. He suggested I use a table top, and that did the trick. Doing it on the table gave me more leverage (that’s what she said).

I also had an AR10 PMAG and DPMS mag handy to test, and they both worked just fine.

I really like my Polymer Magpackers; they make loading magazines fun, instead of a dreaded chore before you can enjoy firing off those rounds. Could you load your mags the conventional way pretty quickly? Sure, but why not make it easy?

If you’re in the middle of a shooting course, you don’t want wear out your thumbs while reloading between drills. You want all of your energy spent on running drills and learning new skills. The Polymer Magpackers are compact, easy to store and take to the range, and let you focus on shooting instead of loading.

If you want one for your workbench at home, the AR10 Wood Magpacker is available and is made of a solid piece of Mahogany Wood. It’s not as compact or as light, it does have an ammo reservoir and can be engraved any way you like.


Magpacker is a Small American Business that makes every product at their Texas Facility and employs Americans. Nothing is outsourced and they are always innovating, making new models to cover many different types of ammunition for different weapon systems. Some of the current systems supported are the AR15, AK47, AR10 and the newly released FN 5.7 Pistol.

-50 Shades of FDE

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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Fifty Shades of FDE

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  1. Bruce Frank

    What has happened to the MagPacker magazine loader?

  2. Scott

    Does this work with fn fal magazines?

  3. Wilson

    How many rounds are you getting out of your muzzle device there before it starts to screw with your optics?

    My 5.56 can, even with a mirage cover, only gives me maybe 7 shots before it starts to screw with my vision. To be fair though, I’m looking through a 3-9x scope…

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