Daniel Barak

| July 4, 2012
Categories: Assorted Ramblings


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[column one-half] Daniel Barak (a pseudonym) is currently a Miluimnik (mill-oo-im-nick) with the IDF. He wears a red beret when not in a Mitzfenet, holds a black belt in Jewjitsu and prefers single dancing moms to Manot Krav. After Basic Training at Sanuur he went to Chamaam for advanced training, then on to jump school at Tel Nof. As part of the IDF Para Brigade he was on active service during the Second Intifada and Mivtza Homat Magen (Operation Defensive Shield) as well as the Second Lebanon War. He once completed the Masa Kumta without any pants on to prove a point and is frankly way too pretty to have been a proper grunt (maybe even better looking than Wilber). He may nor may not keep his pin in his shoe, but never EVER danced to Kesha in Hebron.

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