LAW Tactical's GEN 3 Folding Stock Adapter

The Gen 3 Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter is available – we’ve been testing it.

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After much anticipation, LAW Tactical has released their GEN 3 AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter. We talked to LAW back in the Spring about the anticipated release, but due to a few minor delays it wasn’t till the end of the summer that they actually started shipping. We spoke to Zach Law, the inventor and owner of the company; he explained that they did not want to release the MOD 3 until it was absolutely perfect, all the way down to the installation instructions. The GEN 3 saw extensive testing during R&D, and in the end the delay ended with a superior product over the earlier versions.


There have been many attempts to reduce the overall length of the AR-15 over the years, the first being the addition of the two position collapsible stocks on Vietnam era Colt CAR-15 Model 7 and XM177 model 629 carbines. With cut down barrels and the sliding stocks, the weapon was significantly shorter than the 20” barreled M-16. This started the carbine’s love affair with special units (or vice versa). It’s a love that continues to this day with the M4A1 and MK-18 carbines. There is no denying that the M-16/AR-15 family of weapons has a strong legacy with both the civilian market and military alike. It seems like everyone has their own take on what the firearm should be, and there are almost limitless options for how to configure your own. 


Though they started by identifying the the need for a smaller overall package for storage, Law Tactical went on to identify several different applications where a super compact AR would benefit different military and government users. Previously others have attempted this task by making shorter buffer tubes, smaller buffers and chopped bolt carriers. Ultimately these solutions only shaved a few inches off the back and opened the platform up to a multitude of reliability issues as a result. Other folding stocks were attempted, but all of those fell short as well. What Law Tactical decided to pursue was a simple folding adapter which retained as many original parts as possible. 




The newly released unit is made out of solid 4140 tool steel, resulting in a damn near bullet proof assembly. The hinge mechanism has a little weight to it, but it’s a good trade off for the increased strength. The new GEN 3 is not designed to fire in the closed position, but it will survive this in an emergency, with little or no damage to the unit. Once fired in this role, you would immediately open the stock, charge the weapon and have the ability to fire as normal. It’s important to note that Law Tactical does not condone firing your carbine in this fashion, but understands that Murphy likes to show up sometimes. The added strength and folded-fire survivability came at the request of some of our most elite pipe hitters out there (yes, we know, lots of people say that but we know one of ’em personally so we can attest it’s not bullshit), and Law answered the request.


The adapter is easy to install for those with AR-15 building knowledge, and we installed ours onto a carbine in about 5 minutes using only a Multitasker tool while on the range. We have talked about this style adapter before here, with the GEN 2. As much as we like the older aluminum adapter, its hinge was a little high on the left hand of the receiver, often resulting in busted knuckles. This has been remedied with a lowered, more streamlined hinge on the GEN 3. The unit is Cerakoted Black, and features a QD swivel socket at the 6 o’clock position for those that like to roll one point slings like 1998 SEALs. The long and short? The new GEN 3 is stronger, has more features and is completely tool-less for disassembly after being properly installed. 


Freedom Rifle 1
Wear the Freedom Rifle

Overall, we really like our GEN 3 folding stock adapter. It adds about 1 1/4” to the overall length to the weapon when the stock is locked open, which is about the same as a collapsible stock being run at the first notch. This is actually a benefit for those with gorilla arms, as you get a longer length of pull. Folded, a 16” barrel carbine will fit in most “take down” style cases while still being fully assembled. With shorter barrels and the stock folded, the SBR or AR pistol can be kept at the ready in brief case, backpack or messenger bag. We have fired several thousand rounds through our rifle since install, and its been nothing but reliable, just as our older GEN 2 has been. If you are looking to shorten your AR-10, SR-25, MK-11, MK-12, MK-18, AR-15, M-16, M4, or any other Stoner based rifle regardless of caliber this is the ticket! Check out Law Tactical’s website here, and let us know if you are rocking one of their adapters on your favorite blaster in the comments section.

If you want to know more, here’s a video from some metrotactical, skateboarding descendent of Isumbras Took.


One thought on “LAW Tactical's GEN 3 Folding Stock Adapter

  • December 3, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    I pre-ordered mine and got the $10 discount off the full price, and waited in eager anticipation. And waited. And waited. And then I get a call. From Zach. Yes, Zach Law himself. He works his own phone. Turns out there was a little tomfoolery on my cc between my placing the order, and them attempting to charge my cc, in which time the card company had issued me a new cc#, and I didn’t think twice about it. I gave him the new #, and I had the part at the end of the week.

    I am by no means an AR armorer, but I find that working on my rifle is somewhat meditative for me, and take s me back to some good times/places, as well as learning new things. I had already installed a Magpul ASAP sling plate on my rifle, but knew that this came with the QD point as well, so I wasn’t too concerned.

    The instructions for the install are simple and easy to follow. Mine actually seemded to describe a part that still required a bit of assembly, but mine was completely assembled already. The “tool” they include for installing the the threaded section is Goddamned Marine-proof. Turn until it flexes, then stop. Simple. One thing I did find out the hard way was that it is NOT compatible with the ASAP sling plate. No worries, back in the box for another day, and reinstalled the original plate.

    Works like a damned charm. Tension on the hinge screw is adjustable with an allen wrench, so you can make it stiffer or looser, depending on your preference. And describing this thing as bullet-proof may just be an understatement.

    Getting the BCG extension took a bit of frog lube and some convincing with a few taps on the work bench, but it was simple as well. That’s really the only other thing to be aware of. Once the BCG extension is installed, you can’t just pop the rear take-down pin and field strip the rifle. In orde to field strip, or separate the upper and lower completely, you need to remove the extension first, which I’m sure will take a bit of convincing as well. Such is life.

    All in all, this is a solid piece of kit, and the added couple of ounces and length are barely noticeable, although I’m not hauling it all over some God-forsaken pile of dirt and rocks on the far side of the sand box, so that is a factor up for debate depending on the user. I can now fold my carbine sort enough to throw it in a large backpack or duffle bag which is totally inconspicuous for a trip to the range, vs. my normal/obvious rifle case, and nobody would even know. And when out in the sticks, you could have your AR riding muzzle -down right next to you with this folded down, and nobody would even know it was there, so if you’re in the country, or keep a truck gun handy, this makes it even easier to transport/conceal in your vehicle. I am not qualified to get into the tactical applications/benefits, but I think it’s definitely worth the money for the added flexibility it affords.

    Jesus, I wrote a Goddamned novel. Ah, fuck it. Knife hand the world, you damn dirty apes. Semper Fi


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