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| April 4, 2014
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The following transcription was is a collation from NSA surveillance transcripts sourced from Nancy’s Squat & Gobble, an exotic dance club and breakfast diner located in a trailer park down on I-44 outside Oklahoma City. ISR assets report an argument first over one dollar bills, then the need for a folding stock on an AR15, then whether or not there were gym bags at Sochi.

“Its fucking stupid.” Slim [Subject Jake “Slim” Call]. Words are forcefully stated. Subject opens another beer taken from the Breach-Bang-Clear Team Room apparently to save money for lap dances and an omelette.

“No, it’s not, its fucking cool. You are an idiot.” Swingin’ Dick [Subject Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore], also opening another beer for himself. He sits at the table with Slim.

“Fuck that noise, folding stocks are pointless. It’s all mall ninja commie bullshit. Why the actual fuck would ANYONE put a folding stock on a M4?” [Slim]

“Because not everyone uses their carbine like YOU Slim. Some people have different missions, requirements and loadouts, and this is for them.” [Swingin’ Dick]

Dick’s explanation seems like it should have been enough, but Slim pushes the issue.

“Yeah? Like what?”  [Slim]

“Ok…if the bad guys are gonna hit a dignitary in broad daylight, on Main Street, and are armed with machine guns, would you want to have a pistol, or a rifle to fight back with?”  [Swingin’ Dick]

Long distance lenses show Slim giving a blank stare. “They would never do that…”

Shut the fuck up! You know that they have, and will again! What’s your answer?” Swingin’ Dick appears to be losing his temper, is drunk, or both.

“You know my answer, a rifle. They might be wearing armor, and a pistol isn’t enough for that job.”  [Slim]

“Damn right Slim. So you gotta guard the principle in plain clothes. How are you gonna hide your blaster? Even a MK-18 slung under a sports coat is obvious as shit.”  [Swingin’ Dick]

Subject Slim takes a sip of his lager and responds.

“ I don’t know, I guess I’ll just down- gun and go old-school with a MP5K?”

Subject Swingin’ Dick slams his fist on the table. “You just said the dirtbags might be wearing armor? 9mm is only gonna bust some ribs! ”

Subject Slim pushes back.“Well I guess I’ll  go the PDW route with a MP7 or FN P90!”

Dick grows more frustrated. “You can’t, the armory is out of ammo for those.  The Job is in two days, and the ammo won’t be delivered for another two weeks!  Its gotta be a 5.56 gun!”

Slim calmly sips his beer, possibly playing the scenario in his mind, possibly attempting to provoke Swingin’ Dick, or both. “Ok. Then an SBR M4 in a gym bag.”

Swingin’ Dick jumps out of his chair. Long distance lenses show his face it livid. “A fucking gym bag? Are you serious? Because a GYM BAG isn’t going to stick out like a sore thumb!”  

Interject–topless waitress with needle tracks on her arms arrives, places 2 eggs over medium and what is arguably a pork chop in front of Subject Slim. Swingin’ Dick receives chocolate chip pancakes and a shot of tequila.

Dude… it worked on the Sochi PSD mission. Why not?”  [Subject Slim]

A long pause.“ Sochi? You’ve got to be shitting me. It was the FUCKING OYLMPICS! EVERYONE HAD GYM BAGS YOU IDIOT! [all caps for emphasis]

“Calm down bro, I see where you are going with this, alright? Just cut to the point, and tell me what you think is the right way.”

Telescoping video camera shows a shit-eating grin sweep over Swingin’ Dick’s face as he dunks bacon in his tequila. “Why, I thought you’d never ask.”

The M16-M4-AR-15 is one of the most common family of weapons in the entire world, and definitely America’s go to rifle. It’s been in continuous production since the 1950’s, with no end in sight. Cursed with the stigma of early failures in Vietnam, it took nearly 40 years for the weapon system to truly be trusted and accepted by most Gunfighters. The M4 program and work of USSOCOM has pushed the platform forward into the modern era, and with the expiration of the assault weapons ban in 2004, there is now a great niche sub- industry build entirely around this firearm.

With near limitless options now available, there is little you can’t do to tailor it to your own specific needs.  Carried by the armed forces, the M16, M4 carbine, Mk-12 sniper rifle and MK-18 short barrel continue to serve justice and deliver ballistic freedom all over the world. DRMO’d service rifles have been donated to state and local police departments, and more and more cops are being authorized to bring personal AR-15s along on the job. Military and LE users aside, for many people in the vast open countryside an AR-15 is a common “truck gun”; it rests in rear window rifle racks and more discretely under rear seats.

For years, companies tried to shorten the weapon and make it more compact. This usually resulted in heavy modifications to the bolt carrier, buffer, buffer tube and spring. Often, you ended up with a compact but terribly unreliable jamo-matic. After many attempts, you are hard pressed to find any of these kits for sale today. People just accepted that it could not be done, that you are stuck with the added  7” to 11” inches of butt stock. In 2011, the team at LAW Tactical thought different. The Mod 1 AR-15 folding buttstock adapter was released in 2011, with only a small number being produced. LAW Tactical received positive feedback from the Mod 1, and immediately listened to their customers and made a series of improvements.

By November of 2012, they released the MOD 2 . Build out of strong, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, this hinge mechanism mates with your lower receiver and allows the weapon to be carried condition 1, with a round in the chamber. Because of the design of the AR-15, the weapon cannot function without the buffer assembly in place. If forced to do so, you can fire the chambered round with the stock folded, but it will damage the rear components of the weapon.  The Mod 2 has been used in a series of tests and evaluations by various elite military units and law enforcement entities. A Carbine with a short, 10.5” barrel (or less) and the Law Tactical unit installed will fit a wide array of modern “sneaky” bags currently in production.

Previously to make use of these low profile carriage system you needed to separate the upper receiver and lower to store the gun. This obviously makes carrying the weapon in a ready status impossible.  For a sniper team moving into an urban hide, the unit can be installed on an AR-10 .308 to reduce their profile. For those that work out of vehicles and various airframes, the compact nature is also a big advantage in tight quarters.  For PSD details, undercover law enforcement and generally non-permissive environments (Travis Haley royalty check goes out tomorrow) the ability to hide a full size gunfighter’s tool in plain sight is paramount. For those of us that live in urban areas (or ride a motorcycle) with lots of nosey neighbors, the ability to come

and go without a giant range case is important to reduce suspicion, or even prevent burglary.

The simple assembly and solid lock up of the adapter creates a rock-solid stock with standard OEM parts, in the deployed position. Aside from actually shooting the firearm, and potentially adjusting the way you charge the weapon (to avoid busting your knuckle on the hinge) there is little training required to use the system to its full advantage. This reads as no significant change to how you deploy your weapon, or train others to use theirs.  Since the Mod 2 release in 2012, LAW Tactical has continued to refine the design, and will be releasing their Mod 3 variant in the near future. Having improved the overall design, the Mod 3 will feature am improved hinge design, eliminating the potential of injuring your knuckles regardless of how you charge the weapon. Packed full of streamlined features, the Mod 3 will be a welcomed to all the users and fans of the Mod 2, as well as those who held off from installing the original due to their engrained muscle memory.

If you require a smaller profile for your M4, AR-10 or Ar-15, give LAW Tactical a look. You will be impressed with their innovation, quality and determination to produce hard use, American made weapon enhancements. Learn more online at or check out their Facebook page. Law Tactical is carried at F3 Tactical.




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