Murdery Pocket Rocket: LDE-9

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| October 14, 2016
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The LDE-9 (LDE for “Last Ditch Effort” suppressor. Alexander joins us again today to bring us another oddity from the world of silencers.

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Murdery Pocket Rocket: LDE-9

“Last Ditch Effort”–sounds like a bad garage band from the 90’s. In this case it’s a cute little piece of paraphernalia from the bowels of Gemtech, circa 2000. If you read my OSS Hi Standard article  or my Pill Bottle article  you will start to see that I really dig clandestine weapons. According to my wife, working for the world’s premier silencer company doesn’t help this affliction.

Think of the LDE-9 as an updated and a little more versatile (for 2000) version of the old sleeve guns from WWII. If you aren’t familiar with those, you have done yourself a disservice because they are pretty bitchin’.

The LDE-9 was born out of a need for government personnel who required low-ish profile weapons. Gemtech answered the call and offered up a package of the LDE-9, a Beretta M9 threaded barrel, and a G9 Silencer. The concept was to give users the option of a being able to suppress their sidearm or the LDE and to get that government upsell, if we’re being honest.

To give you a feel for this little guy, it is an astonishing 4.625 inches long and tips the scales at a massive 3.3 ounces. That should make it comfortable and familiar in the hands of the average reader. It features a leather and bead tassel for operation. You can tell it’s dated because this isn’t a piece of 550 cord intricately weaved to hold a myriad of “survival” items. The breakdown is simple and consists of a thread protector, barrel/chamber unit, and the firing system. The thread protector has a press fit nylon plug that keeps out pocket lint and can be shot out if the silencer is not in use. The barrel is rifled (luckily) and is 1 inch long for the utmost in accuracy.

This section is unscrewed from the firing system and the cartridge is simply dropped in.

The ignition system is relatively simple and is contained in the ass end. The safety, and I use that term loosely, is a screw cap that when tightened does not allow movement of the pull mechanism. To fire the LDE you simply unscrew the safety and pull the cord. This particular model is the updated version, which has interchangeable chamber sections and could be .380 ACP, 9×19 Parabellum, or 9×18 Makarov.

Firing the LDE-9 is not as exciting as it looks. The G9 does a great job of sound suppression and also provides the user with a somewhat effective hand stop. Recoil was very manageable, accuracy not so much. Firing from the hip is difficult at best but when your barrel is 1” long it becomes a real challenge. I chose to shoot at a distance of one yard and was able to keep the shots minute of man. The LDE is obviously for arms-distance work, and for that it’s more than adequate.

The G9 is a simple K Baffle type 7075 aluminum silencer, designed to be lightweight, cheap, and effective on the Beretta M9. It is 6.625 inches long and the tube diameter is 1.25 inches. To keep both weight and cost down the silencer was made with no Nielson device or the ability to attach one, since the LDE and Beretta don’t need them anyways. It really is a no frills, “get the job done” type of unit.


For the intended purpose of sneakily murdering someone, the LDE-9 package was affordable and efficient. In my opinion, if Gemtech were to have a package like this today, it would be a very similar design but include a much smaller silencer like the Aurora or an updated Pill Bottle, and we’d scrap the pistol barrel. But what do I know, I just work here.



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