Jason Voorhees favorite shirt: and the OUTLAW too

Following up on the success of their Elm Street shirt from last year comes the Voorhees flannel shirt (tactical flannel?) from Dixxon Flannels. Its moniker comes, of course, from Jason Voorhees. It will only be available for a few minutes.

Jason Voorhees - flannel shirt from Dixxon Flannels
It’s the newest non-intentionally tactical flannel from Dixxon Flannel Co.

Dixxon advises,

“Dixxon’s Signature D-TECH Material is a special Poly Blend fabric made to be Breathable for the performance you demand, yet durable for the rugged lifestyle you live. D-TECH™ Brings the comfort of ultra-soft to the touch flannel material that minimizes shrinking, wrinkling, and never needs ironing or dry cleaning. ”

Jason Voorhees shirt from Dixxon Flannels

Tactical flannel for kids
They even have tactical flannels for kids.

Admit it. You want to put on this shirt and frolic.

Everyone's a happier maniac in a Jason Voorhees shirt!
Everyone’s a happier maniac in a Jason Voorhees shirt!

The OUTLAW will also be debuting today. It has an interesting look:

“The absolute must, the staple in a man’s closet. Can be styled in so many ways, dressed up or down. Black on black on black.” Dixxon Flannels

flannel shirts: Dixxon flannels "Outlaw"
Naturally, we believe this would be an outstanding tactical flannel! There are other options though, as we detail in our top flannel shirts article. 

A tactical flannel from Dixxon Flannels

You can order one (or ten) right here.

You might be wondering why we like shirts like this, or refer to them as “tactical flannel”. Simple – it’s because in addition to looking good, they provide an excellent option for a cover garment. Maybe not everywhere, but certainly in many places, most times of the year. Flannel shirts are ubiquitous, multi-purpose, and ruggedly built – perfect for armed low-vis work or going heeled. And thus we welcome this new tactical flannel from Dixxon.

Jason Voorhees shirt from Dixxon Flannels

In addition to their various retailers, Dixxon Flannels are available via Amazon Prime as well.


Dixxon Flannel: read more about ’em.

Flannel shirt options: see others we like.


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Some questions answered:

1. What is so special about your flannels? What’s the “hype”?

We design our colorways from scratch rather than using standard off the bolt fabric. Our attention to detail includes fabrics that will not shrink, wrinkle, or fade – resulting in the very best flannels on the market, at an affordable price.

2. Will my flannel shrink?

It will not shrink. We suggest that you machine wash in cold water and either low tumble dry or hang dry.

3. Do only your flannels have hidden collar stay buttons? 

No, we actually have hidden collar stay buttons on EVERY button down shirt we make. Including work shirts, party shirts, dress shirts, flannels, etc – they all come standard with the feature to keep your collars locked and straight. 


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