Hydrapak collapsible water bottle

hydrapak collapsible water bottle
July 25, 2014  
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For the last several weeks we have been using an interesting water bottle from a company called Hydrapak™. Hydrapak has been a leader in the “Hydration Solutions” market since since 2001, and they really do make some great products in this field. One of these is their new collapsible water bottle. Over the years they have produced millions of reservoirs for a worldwide market. It’s safe to say that they know more about water than Bobby Boucher – this new bottle leverages that experience and we think a lot of you will find it’s worth a look.

Says Hydrapak, “As the top global hydration brand, Hydrapak leads the forefront of innovation, ensuring our customers have access to most technologically advanced solutions available today.   By exploring new material, engineering, and manufacturing techniques, Hydrapak™ continually develops groundbreaking systems that dynamically change the way drink, store, and carry water.”

That’s right folks. A whole mess of science and out of the box thinking goes into their product development and it really shows in their hydration systems. The samples we’ve been playing with have turned out to be pretty awesome.

Hydrapak 3

Grey Ghost Gear

This new water bottle is similar to their existing flasks, but with a new, literal twist. The lightweight drinking vessel is collapsible into itself, using a hard polymer top and bottom to stow the flexible bladder that lays in between.  The polymer cap is removed for air to escape, and once empty of any liquids, you simply twist and click the two ends together. Once collapsed, the bottle is small enough to throw into a cargo pocket or small pouch.

Hydrapak 2

Hydrapak’s unique choices of materials result in a rugged, lightweight drinking container that is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb flavor easily. We have been using this water bottle to hold Gatorade and different drink mixes for months so far and it has yet to discolor or hold ghost remnants of its previous drink.

Used hiking, we discovered how easy it is to stow after its empty. Either throw it in a pocket or clip it onto a bag via a carabineer through the soft nylon loop attached to the top. This feature is removable, but odds are you will keep it on the bottle due to its versatility. When taken out on a run, the loop is convenient for running a finger through to keep a hold of.  Initially we were concerned that the flexible material used for the side wall would be torn or punctured. So, we threw it around inside various bags, tossed it around in the woods and on gravel. We have yet to damage it in any way with reasonable daily use.

Hydrapak 1

The bottle holds about 800 mL or 28oz. do to the flexibility of the side walls, you will probably end up filling it with a little less then max capacity. This helps from keeping water from spilling out when trying to return the cap to a full bottle.  The mouth of the bottle is big enough to fill with ice cubes, and our one complaint is that the cap is not tethered to the bottle to prevent loss.

This collapsible flask /water bottle will be hitting the shelves soon, so keep an eye out for it.  The bottle is completely Phthalate, BPA, and PVC free, and meets or exceeds all FDA and EU regulations. Light, handy, clean and durable, look for this water bottle soon on Hydrapak’s website  on Facebook or at your local outdoor retailer. They don’t really have a “tactical” division per se, but that shouldn’t hold you back – 30 seconds of Google Fu and you can have your Hydrapak collapsible bottle ordered.

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  1. Doug Crawford

    Looks cool, but why should I buy it when I already have a 2qt collapsible GI canteen?


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