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hazard 4 takedown
| November 6, 2015
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For the last few months, a couple of our minions have been running around with a special purpose sling pack from Hazard 4, taking turns banging it around. The Hazard 4 Takedown carbine sling pack is exactly that: a pack designed to haul a broke down AR-15. The Takedown is part of Hazard 4’s Evac line of packs, which are made from long-lasting 1000D Cordura nylon. Over time we realized that although the pack is set up for broken down ARs, it’s also large enough to carry a selection of other firearms as well.

Hazard 4 Takedown pack

Hazard 4 Takedown Pack

The pack is a longer rectangular shape, and appears somewhat small when empty but it carries a surprisingly large amount of gear in a wide selection of different zippered pouches and compartments. We found that you can haul a full size 16” AR carbine broken down strapped into the main compartment as well as a  separate shorty upper in the less spacious compartment that runs behind it. All that, plus seven 30 rounders to feed it.

Now it’s a party.

Hazard 4 Takedown pack

The utility of the bag is actually one of its best qualities, especially for someone who wants to use it as a case for “truck gun.” You can split your upper from your lower, have room for mags, boxed ammo, a cleaning kit, spare batteries, and support gear. Alternately, the Takedown will fit a 11.5” SBR or AR pistol fully assembled, a folding stock AK, or if you really want to be gangsta even a pistol grip pump.

Used as intended, with the upper and lower of the rifle separated and strapped down, a removable divider can be used to keep them separate and not rubbing against each other. Guns are tools, which means neither me, Swingin’ Dick nor any of our minions care if they get scratched (and we make fun of people who do). We didn’t particularly like this divider so it was promptly removed early in our trials.

The bag has two main compartments which run the entire length of the bag. On the outside face of the Takedown, you find three smaller zippered utility pouches. A nicely sized rectangular pouch starts the stack at the bottom, with separate dividers inside for small items. The middle pouch is the same size, and will hold up to five 30-round AR mags side by side. The outside flap has loop velcro for attaching patches, and more inside for stowing additional ones. The top pouch is smaller, but still large enough for folded up electronic ear pro, or miscellaneous range gear. Every pouch on the bag dual zippers, a nice touch which adds to easy access. 

Hazard 4 Takedown

Each side of the bag is covered in PALS/MOLLE webbing for adding additional pouches, and two evenly spaced cinch straps. The bottom of each side has an open top sleeved pouch, which to be completely honest we don’t quite understand. Each is large enough to stow an AR mag or two, but because there is no closure or elastic they can easily fall out when the pack is inverted. 

There may be a great reason for this — or it may be a stoopid design flaw. If you know, sound off in the comments.

Hazard 4 Takedown

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The back of the pack has a padded, vented styling that feels comfortable even when overloaded. the shoulder strap is wide and also padded, and features additional MOLLE webbing. The strap is fully configurable for each side mode of carry, which means to can see what rapid deployment techniques work best for you. A large, easy to grab QD buckle allows for ditching the pack easily and quickly if needed, and a separate support strap can be clipped on to limit movement when running or riding a bike.

Hazard 4 Takedown

It’s certainly not “concealed carry” and you don’t need a LAW folder, but it’s a great transport option.

We figure as an all-in-one transport or range bag for your favorite blaster, the Takedown is likely to please. The only issues we really had with the bag is the color choices and MOLLE webbing. The Takedown comes in Black, A-TACs, Multicam or (as with our sample) Coyote Brown. These colors stand out in urban environments because they make it look like a gun case. If Hazard 4 made it in some additional non-military colors, and ditched the MOLLE webbing you are unlikely to use anyway, it would make for a fine sneaky-bag!  Imagine this thing in blue or lavender, with peace signs or World Wildlife Federation decals on it — that’s some good camo there.

Overall, the Takedown is likely to fit your needs if you are looking for a compact bag to haul your long gun. We have found zero signs of wear or tear, and it seems to be sewn very well thought out. You can check this and other products out here at Hazard 4’s website. You can also follow ’em on Instagram (@hazard4california).



EXTERNAL SIZE: ~28.3″ L x 8.75″ W x 6.25″ D (72 x 22 x 16 cm)

MAIN COMPARTMENT: ~27.3” L x 6.3″ W x 5″ D (69 x 16 x 13 cm)

TOTAL GEAR CAPACITY:  ~25.4 L (1,547.7 cubic inches)

MAIN MATERIAL: Invista® 1000D Cordura® (500D Camo models); PU x2 water repellent coated for superior water resistance.

COLORS: black/coyote/A-TACS®/MultiCam®

DESIGN: Long Beach, California – In-House Team.



  • Especially designed for M4/M16/AR-15 style rifles/carbines
  • Full MOLLE coverage to expand carrying capacity greatly
  • Padded, movable internal divider to separate rifle parts
  • Extra dividers can be bought separately for vertical division
  • Long, flat back-pocket for hydration or extra barrels, etc.
  • Back pocket is velcro-lined for attaching modular holsters, etc.
  • Two smaller pockets are perfect for gloves/Otis® kit, etc.
  • Ideal for all target, military, police, tactical shooters
  • Back panel w/ logo & air-circulation array
  • Hydration bladder compatible (up to 100 Oz./3L)
  • One large pocket for access while on chest w/ velcro floor
  • External velcro panel area for patches, i.d.’s, glint-tape, etc.
  • Large grab-handles for carrying and pulling to chest/back
  • Trap-door pass for hydration hose without rough velcro edge
  • Internal mesh zip/elastic pockets for organizing items
  • Short zipper section on top for long objects like radio antennae
  • MOLLE covered shoulder strap with 3-D airmesh for comfort
  • Large, locking side-push buckle is easily indexed on chest
  • Stabilizer-strap links to either side and keeps bag from sliding
  • Top/bottom compression-straps, also secure tubular items

Read up on everything we’ve done about Hazard 4.


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