The MP01 Fighting Knife

We get to hang out with the coolest people – including a knife-making legend, Darrel Ralph. Grady Burrell, the designer of a pretty ingenious new fighting knife, explains the features in this video.


On of our minions wrote about it today on but failed to e-mail us the specifics because he’s an asshat who isn’t answering his phone or watching his Facebook group messages – you can read that article here. Find out more on the HTM page or Darrel’s website.

If you want to order one from the next batch, you can get it standard- or tanto-style bladed, with a regular honed edge or one that is partially serrated. They aren’t up on the website yet and we don’t know when they will be (see previous statement about f^&kwit who is out of comms) but we do know you can e-mail Lacey at Darrel Ralph’s shop and use coupon code BBC614 to get 20% off (good for fire, EMS, police, military current or retired, etc.).

We like the little spur whirlygig on the back that will hook your paracord and make you a field expedient grip that will hold your knife tight regardless of sweat or blood or the tears of your enemies. It’s no good for autoerotic asphyxiation (that’s what Grady said anyway) but you CAN use it to keep hold of your knife and still maintain positive control and a good shooting grip with a pistol (or whatever) in your hand.

Lacey (at) is where you want to order yours.

FYI the sheath is pretty sweet; it’s made by FirstSpear and although it’s only available in MultiCam right now we think they may be making them in black and/or coyote. Will advise.

ALSO! This video was cleaned up and made less grabtastic by Tim at Juggernaut Media Group. Go like him on Facebook and tell him we sent you. He isn’t very bright and he looks like somebody rolled him in carpet and beat him with the ugly hammer, but damn he’s a nice guy.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

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