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Train With F3 – Autumn 2017

Jake Call and “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore

This particular update is necessarily different from others in the series. F3 Tactical isn’t a training organization, it brings training organizations in to a central regional location. It’s an impressive concatenation of training opportunities, and one anyone in driving distance would do well to partake of.

The Autumn training season has begun with F3 Tactical; TL/DR – Show Me Class Dates and Locations.

Grunts: concatenation.

*Head Warrior Princess In Charge

F3 Tactical Training Courses Coming Soon

What They Want You to Know About

23 SEPGreen Ops Defensive Carbine I – Register here (Culpepper, VA)

23-24 SEPSentinel Concepts Essential Handgun Employment – Register here (Culpepper, VA)

24 SEPCommonwealth Instructor Group Virginia Concealed Carry Class – Register here (Fairfax, VA)

07-08 OCTGreenside Training Urban Tracking – Register here (Fairfax, VA)

14 OCTTactical Operational Consulting Low Light Pistol – Register here (Fairfax, VA)

15 OCTGreen Ops 4-Count Draw Clinic – Register here (Fairfax, VA)

18-19 OCTElite Shooting Sports Practical Carbine – Register here (Manassas, VA)

21 OCTGreen Ops Defensive Pistol Class II – Register here (Culpepper, VA)

17 FEB 18OnSight Firearms Training Defensive Pistol – Register here (Yale, VA)

18 FEB 18OnSight Firearms Training Defensive Carbine – Register here (Yale, VA)

F3 is a veteran-owned Small American Business in Fairfax, VA. They believe pretty much like we do, when it comes to an American’s obligation to improve his or her fighting and lifesaving skills. Their HWPIC* and HMFIC might not be as ridiculous a training a training whore as ours is, but it’s a near thing. As they described it themselves about this time last year,

“Our purpose here is to notify F3 Tactical Inc. friends and customers of upcoming training opportunities, post after action reviews, and add photos from events/courses that we’re involved with…we hope to train with you soon!” 

If you get the chance to go visit F3 Tactical in person, you should (they’re right here). You might also consider doing some of your shopping with them (which you can do here).

Be forewarned, it’s something of a tripartite organization. There are currently three significant personages involved in day to day F3 operations – Chief (who is in charge and is the brains of the operation), Bolt (the morale & retention NCO, arguably the second smartest of the crew), and Jimmy (who allegedly helps run things, acts as a liaison with training organizations, and cleans the bathroom).

They’re on Facebook, /F3Tactical/, and on Instagram, @F3Tactical. It’s entirely possibly they’re on Twitter or Snapchat or Pinterest or wtfever else, but who has time to keep up with all that?

F3 Tactical is the ORP for a number of different courses, taught by some great instructors. All of them should encourage you to,

“Think and be dangerous.”

Pay attention, boys and girls — we’re going to do our level best to help you Go Train.

Mad Duo

This training opportunity update was brought to you on behalf of F3 Tactical, our friends and a training partner of the Breach-Bang-Clear Tribe. 

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