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June 25, 2020  
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What’s the downside to small guns? Well, there are a few, but the most noticeable is the lowered capacity. How can you take a small pistol and increase its capacity? Well, step 1 is to swap out the basic magazine for a longer one. The simpler and much more affordable option is to add a baseplate that expands your capacity. The Strike Industries extended magazine baseplate, aka EMP, for the Glock 26 is one such baseplate. It gives you two more rounds, totaling out to 12 rounds total for your Glock 26. More ammo s always better than less ammo, right? 

Glock 26 extended magazine baseplate from Strike Industries.


Blame it on my machine gunner mentality. 

The EMP – Strike It Down

The EMP is the simpler option over choosing an extended magazine and allows you to add additional rounds to your gun and still have a flush-fitting magazine. Besides just being flush fitting, the addition of the Strike Industries extended magazine plate (EMP) adds a grip extension to the gun, which gives you more control over the gun. The Glock 26 has a terribly stubby grip that’s fat but still manages to leave a pinky hanging off. The EMP extends the grip just slightly and makes it easier to control and shoot. 

The Strike Industries EMP is textured to match the Glock’s grip and is a seamless interaction between your grip and the EMP. Another benefit of a base plate over simply using an extended magazine is that baseplates add a degree of thickness to your magazine, which makes it easier to retrieve for reloads. 

extended magazine baseplate for Glock 26 by Strike Industries.

The Strike Industries EMP is an excellent, low-cost, low-maintenance, snag-free addition to your Glock 26. It will also fit the Glock 27 and G33. However, don’t expect the same +2 capacity. The Strike Industries EMP for the Glock 26 is brand new and on the market, so check ’em out. 

Strike Industries: Read more about ’em.

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