Ghislaine Maxwell Court Documents: Epstein Victims and Cohorts

Ghislaine Maxwell court documents released
| February 16, 2023
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Purported information from Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial has been released. In it is, we hope, at least a partial list of Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplices, cronies, cohorts, and co-conspirators. 

We can’t tell you for sure if any of that is true because there are more than 2000 pages in the damn thing. We’ll get you started, though. Mostly it’s an explanation of why Maxwell’s motion to dismiss was denied. We don’t think there will be much in the way of substantive reveals, but one can hope.

Here’s a link in the meantime.

Check back as you have time; we’ll drop in quotes and specific citations for locations of interest within that document. 


Just remember…legalese is difficult to translate. Even for alleged legal people.




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