Tactical Spork (Multi-Fork?): Gerber Devour

Gerber Devour in Titanium
| March 15, 2022
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This is the Gerber Devour: it’s more like a multi-tool cutlery set than it is a tactical spork, but the latter moniker works too. As does the term multi-fork, which Gerber occasionally uses too. The Devour, which boasts 9 features, weighs just 1 ounce…mostly because it’s available in TA4 Titanium. 

Gerber Devour "multi-tool travel utensil".

Gerber Devour “multi-tool travel utensil”. It’s kind of a tactical spork, though we don’t recommend doing battle with it. 

In addition to having a long handle do you don’t wind up with sauce with your MRE, MENU 4 on your hand when you go digging down into the pouch to stuff your face. It provides the same advantage to freeze-dried foods, camping meals, or even the residue of that BootDaddy Concrete your fat ass just had to have — not that we’re judging, we like Andy’s Frozen Custard too.

A utilitarian attachment for detachment.

A utilitarian attachment for detachment: available on the Gerber Gear website (among other places).

We also like the Devour‘s kickstand feature. Use it to hang from your pot or mug or just to keep your Spotted Dick up outta the dirt. But we digress. 

Aunty's Spotted Dick

Gerber Devour Functions

The following are available via the snap-in tool that fits in the handle of the spork part.

  • Package opener
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Pry bar
  • Flathead driver (small)
  • Flathead driver (large)

What is spotted dick.

Gerber's Devour multi-function camp spork.

Gerber's Devour multi-function camp spork.

Gerber's Devour multi-function camp spork.

Get your “multi-fork” now.

Other Tactical Spork~ish Features

  • Kickstand feature
  • Deep basin spoon
  • Offset long tine fork
  • Flat cut/scrape edge
  • Overall Length 7.6in. 

Throw this thing in your pack, in your go-bag, or even in a mag pouch somewhere. It won’t take up as much space as a rifle mag and it’s a lot more useful at a buffet or bacchanal…though perhaps somewhat less so in a gunfight. 

We call it a tactical spork; you call it what you want.

We call it a tactical spork; you call it what you want. As long as we agree that anything that helps with coffee is a force multiplier.

Titanium Tactical Spoon/Tactical Spork

Back at its release Gerber said,

The award-winning Devour gets an upgrade: the Titanium provides a superior weight to strength ratio. With the same great 9 functions, the Devour Titanium is the only tool needed for cooking, eating, and cleaning. It snaps together for secure portability, yet each tool also works independently.

At under an ounce, the Devour Multi-Fork is ideal for those who demand a lightweight, easy-to-use tool on the trail. Designed to handle mealtime from start to finish, the Devour has 9 tools on hand for prep, eating, and cleaning. The refreshed fork design doesn’t compromise function, and the detachable solid state tool offers 6 functions while keeping your multi-fork out of the dirt or pot with a unique kickstand design.

Gerber Devour titanium tactical spork

Find ’em online at Gerbergear.com. 


Check out the whole line of Gerber tools and knives on Amazon. 


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  1. Ryle D Purdy

    Like the looks as well as the utilitarian use. Eliminates at least one tool.


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