Frazetta Friday | Gunslinging and Street Art

The renowned artist was born this month in Brooklyn in 1928 — we’re paying tribute to him all through February with “Frazetta Friday.”  Breach Bang Clear

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Frazetta Friday: Guns and Street Art

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Frank Frazetta didn’t just draw and paint voluptuous women. Among his earlier work were drawings and illustrations for comic books, many of them Westerns. We thought our readers might appreciate one of them in particular.

Frazetta gunslinging tips
We make no claims about the accuracy of the “facts about gun-fighting,” we’re just sharing some old Frazetta art.

Though he may not have drawn as many heroes (and villains) with guns as he did with swords and axes, firearms did make a frequent appearance in Frazetta’s work.

Frank Frazetta art - heroes with guns

Frank Frazetta art - heroes with guns

Frank Frazetta art - heroes with guns

Frank Frazetta art - heroes with guns.

Frank Frazetta art - heroes with guns

There’s also some really damn good Frazetta-based street art out there, as we discovered while perusing the Frazetta Girls Facebook page (see below).

Be sure to read the Frank Frazetta entry at the Art History Archive.

If you’d like to see some of Frazetta’s work in person, check out the Frazetta Art Museum, in East Stroudsburg, PA. You can find it online at You can also connect with Frazetta’s daughter and granddaughters on Facebook at /FrazettaGirls/, or via Instagram, @frazettagirls. Their website is

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