Frazetta Friday: 13 Frazetta Fantasy Women (NNSFW)

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Women
February 16, 2018  
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Today we continue the Frazetta Friday with a look at one of the things he is most famous for — the zaftig Frazetta fantasy womensometimes heroines, sometimes villains, often someone to be defended or rescued. Breach-Bang-Clear

Frazetta Friday: 13 Frazetta Fantasy Women

Breach-Bang-Clear Staff

From Queen Kong to Golden Girl and all points between, Frank Frazetta unabashedly painted sensuous, usually voluptuous, women.

Frank Frazetta fantasy women.
Frazetta made no bones about his admiration for the female form. He usually painted it in a bathykolpian or callipygian way. He appreciated one woman in particular, however, and for many reasons. Frazetta was married to his wife Eleanor for over fifty years.

As he described it,

“I sensed that she [Eleanor Frazetta, née Kelly] , would be forever loyal and I never ever had that feeling about any other girl. I’d been involved with. Sure, she had most of the physical attributes I looked for in a women, she was beautiful and athletic. But beyond that she was very sharp and alert and pert and she knew a lot of things I didn’t know.”

Here are just a few of his paintings.

Grunts: bathykolpian and callipygian.

Be sure to read the Frank Frazetta entry at the Art History Archive.

If you’d like to see some of Frazetta’s work in person, check out the Frazetta Art Museum, in East Stroudsburg, PA. You can find it online at You can also connect with Frazetta’s daughter and granddaughters on Facebook at /FrazettaGirls/, or via Instagram, @frazettagirls. Their website is

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