For Close Encounters – Nighthawk Custom Tomahawk

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“A durn sight easier to carry than my ten gauge.” Everett Hitch

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“I carrya mine inna da sock holster.” Instructor Zero

For Close Encounters – Nighthawk Custom Tomahawk

An installment of the 2017 Banging Gift Guide

David Reeder

The recently released Tomahawk pistol-grip shotgun is certain to do two things: 1) make you look really cool carrying it, and 2) create vast amounts of asspain on the interwebz every time you mention it.

I’m not here to argue its practicality, whether the lack of a stock will “break your wrist,” or if all the specialty work and features make it worth the asking price. I’m writing this to tell you its out there, because way deep down even the most vociferant detractors kinda actually want one. It’s okay to admit it.

Grunts: vociferant.

The Tomahawk, which does not require any NFA paperwork (see below),  is a twelve gauge manual action shotgun with a 16″ Vang Comp backbore and ported barrel. Its overall length is just 26,” magazine capacity is 5+1. Both the pistol grip and forend come courtesy of Hogue. Looks like you can run a sling through the grip end of it, or attach an aftermarket QD method up front (or, if you’re Steve Fisher, just stick it in your pocket).

If you’re interested in more information, Todd Burgreen evaluated a Tomahawk on

Part of his findings:

“The Nighthawk Tomahawk was tested with Hornady American Gunner Reduced Recoil #00 and Federal Premium Low Recoil FliteControl #00 buckshot (9 #00 pellets). The Federal Premium buckshot load utilizes a special wad for tighter buckshot patterns — thus longer effective range. However, the role of the Tomahawk as a close range blunderbuss could justify the use of “normal” patterning buckshot represented by the Hornady American Gunner loads. The newer buckshot loads with specialized wads could maintain too tight a pattern limiting its greatest attribute of lead dispersion at distances most associated with practical Nighthawk Tomahawk deployment.”

Nighthawk Tomahawk 12 GaugeLOADVelocity avg. (fps)  Pattern 10 yards (in)Pattern 20 yards (in)Winchester PDX1 Defender1,1203.757.5Hornady Reduced Recoil Buckshot1,2804.58Federal Premium PD Buckshot (low recoil)1,13524.5

Fred Mastison also wrote about the Tomahawk on Personal Defense World. Here’s an excerpt:

“I am constantly asking myself just what applications a new weapon would have so the Nighthawk Tomahawk got the same treatment. The answer to that question was extensive, but I kept coming back to home defense and vehicle applications. This gun is easy to run and even with a little training can be effectively used by people of any stature. Its small nimble nature not only makes it easy to store, but quick to deploy and fight with.”

Tomahawk Specs:

• Overall Length: 26.1″

• Barrel Length: 16″

• Hogue Overmolded Pistol Grip and Forend

• Vang Comp Barrel Porting and Backbore

• 4 Round Side Saddle

• Front Bead Sight

• Big Button Tactical Safety

• Hand Honed Action and Rails

• 1-Shot Machined, Solid Billet Extension Tube to Match Barrel Length

• Black Cerakote Rust Resistant Finish

Find the Nighthawk Tomahawk online here on their website:

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Here’s a look at the BATFE letter Nighthawk advises they received, categorizing the Tomahawk.


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