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August 28, 2017  
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This article originally appeared on Tactical 360.  It appears here in its entirety on their behalf, and with their permission. Mad Duo

Fitness Training Tips from Taylor DrescherAs seen on Tactical 360.

Taylor Drescher is a third generation U.S. Marine, Crossfit Games athlete and owner of Valkyrie Performance. We asked Taylor to give us some fitness tips considering we are on the road to Crossfit Regionals. Accountability, Integrity and Attitude.

Taylor Drescher - Valkyrie Performance - 5.11 Tactical - Tactical 360

  • Accountability:
    • Use Sunday as a preparation day to plan for the week ahead. Jot down the exact days, times and location that you plan on training.
    • Keep a workout log. Write down all your stats and use this as a reflection tool to see how consistently you train as well as track your progress.
    • The days you don’t want to train are the most important days to train. No one ever regrets getting in a good workout. Training is a great way to relieve stress, so get yourself to the gym even when you really want to skip.
    • Find a training partner or a community that help hold you accountable and provide positive reinforcement. Working out with others is always more fun than training alone.
  • Integrity:
    • The only person you are trying to be better than is who you were yesterday. Cheating reps and skipping movements to get done faster than others will only negatively impact your end results.
    • Complete all movements to their standard. Don’t take the short cut and then give yourself credit.
  • Attitude:
    • A little thing that makes a big difference. A positive mental attitude can get you through seemingly impossible situations.
    • Don’t be a “nay sayer” believe in yourself and encourage others to do the same.
    • Complaining is a quick way to bring down the morale of those around you and is not an admirable trait.
    • Make the most of every situation. Challenges and failures are always opportunities to grow, if we allow them to be.

An example week of training:

Taylor Drescher - Valkyrie Performance - 5.11 Tactical - Tactical 360

  •  Monday:
    • 1 Rep Max Sumo Deadlift
    • 3×8 Barbell Back Loaded, rear foot elevated, Bulgarian split squats, building in weight
    • 3×10 Strict Glute Ham Raises on the Glute Ham Developer
    • 5 Rounds For Time:
      • 20 Cal Assault Bike
      • 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs 20”/24”
      • Rest 1 Minute
  • Tuesday
    • 9×3 Speed Bench Press at 50% of 1RM + Bands from the Bottom
    • 3×8 DB Bench Press on Decline, building in weight
    • 3×10 Strict Pull Ups with Max Weight, rest 1-2 minutes
    • For Time:
      • 21-15-9
      • Calorie Row
      • Chest to Bar Pull Ups
  • Wednesday:
    • Active Recovery
      • 1,000m Swim
      • 30 minutes of mobility
  • Thursday:
    • 12×2 Front Squats at 70% of 1RM, 30 seconds rest between each set.
    • 3×8 Sumo Deadlift, building in weight
    • 4×25 Reverse Hypers at 50% of 1RM Back Squat
    • 1 Mile Sled Drag for time:
      • Pulling from the hips
      • 45/90lbs
  • Friday:
    • 1 Rep Max Close Grip Bench Press with straight Barbell
    • 3×10 Close Grip Floor Press + 1-2 chains per side, building in weight
    • 3×8 Dumbbell Skull Crushers on Flat bench, building in weight
    • 15 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
      • 12 Cal Ski Erg (no Erg=Rower)
      • 9 Ring Dips
      • 6 Goblet Squats with DB 40/70lbs
      • 3 DB Snatch Per Side at 40/70lbs
  • Saturday:
    • In Teams of two, while wearing a weight vest. Both Partners complete the run, then one person works while the other rests. For time:
      • 1 Mile Run
      • 50 Wall Balls
      • 5 Rope Climbs
      • 40 Wall Balls
      • 4 Rope Climbs
      • 30 Wall Balls
      • 3 Rope Climbs
      • 20 Wall Balls
      • 2 Rope Climbs
      • 10 Wall Balls
      • 1 Rope Climb
      • 1 Mile Run
  • Sunday:
    • REST

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This article originally appeared on Tactical 360, the official blog of 5.11 Tactical.

More than just a place to drop press releases, Tactical 360 presents information, op-eds, and how-tos from active military, law enforcement, and other first responder personnel. It covers everything from tactics to homelessness, fitness to FPS video games. Read more right here on 5.11 Tactical’s Tactical 360.

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