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Radical Firearms and Fire Control Unit RX03
| February 26, 2019
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Radical Firearms and Fire Control Unit have teamed up to release something pretty interesting. The RX03 uses elements of the SIG P320 again, expanding on the already interesting X01 chassis by bringing some speedier bullets to the fray.

We took a look-see at SHOT Show.

⚠️ Updated 2-26-19 with additional imagery.

The Fire Control Unit - Showing the heart of the RX03

The Fire Control Unit (FCU) is the heart of the RX03.

Both firearms will work using the Sig Fire Control Unit, which is the actual serialized part of the P320 pistol (you may recall this from reports of the “AR230”1, which was based on the earlier X1). This means you can have both a pistol and a rifle that use the same trigger gubbins. As a Canadian, I am not sure how legally awesome this for you, as it would still be a pistol in Canada, but the ‘Mericans I work with assure me it’s fapworthy.

The model of RX03 at SHOT was 3D printed (not the FCU, mind you).

Production SIG P320 Fire Control Units are already readily available; this RX03 (on display at SHOT) was 3D printed – they’ll be shipping soon, though.

As you can probably tell, the model at the show was just a 3D print, however, most of the features were there.

This is an excellent evolution from the X01. The magazine release is oversized and very well located. The demo they made up also had a side charger. The initial plan for release is to have a 5.56mm version, with 300blk and 9mm to come later.

We were excited to see something that was not just another AR or Glock slide that resembles a cheese grater and wish the folks at Radical and FCU the best of luck on the further development of the RX03.3

Fire Control Unit RX03, built in collaboration with Radical Firearms

Fire Control Unit RX03, built in collaboration with Radical Firearms


Fire Control Unit RX03, built in collaboration with Radical Firearms

Radical Firearms - Texas FFL SOT headquartered in Houston

Fire Control Unit RX03, built in collaboration with Radical Firearms

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  1. Paulecalabrese

    It is 9-16-21 when is the XO3 Coming OUT

  2. david kiwacka

    So does that make it a striker fired AR?
    Kinda of cool if it is. I think the Hi-Point carbines are the only striker fired semi-auto’s currently in production.



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