Der TeufelJ√§gerin | ūüźó Her Handgun Hunting Book is Coming

Writer/huntress¬†Kat Ainsworth is working on a new book about hunting with handguns (due out this Fall). We figure we¬†oughta keep you up to speed on it, since 1) we like hunting, and 2) we like Der Teufel Katze. She’s going to be talking about weapons, calibers, what critters are in season where, and when…pretty much everything you need to know.

She’s been working on the book for a while now, most recently at Spike Box Ranch Hunting. We’ll be telling you more about it soon (and maybe give you a little excerpt), but in the meantime here’s a look at what she’s up to.

Grey Ghost Precision

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Kat Ainsworth - derteufelkatze - huntress extraordinaire
Some work performed by the Remington Arms Company R1 Enhanced Double Stack in .45.

FYSA the ammo used in the image above was Inceptor Ammo, .45ACP 118 gr. ARX. Says Kat,

“I’ve hunted deer, hogs, coyotes, and badgers with their ammo. I’m a big fan of frangibles. Plus it’s nice to see physical evidence of their use for self defense.”¬†

Kat Ainsworth - hunting book

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