De Leon, asshattery and ghost guns

We were all down at Nancy’s Squat & Gobble when CA Senator Kevin De Leon stood up in front of the world and showed his ass. He was, as you may have heard, making a pitch for further gun control. As you can imagine, this sort of fuckery started quite a bit of conversation there in our regular seats on pervert row. Honestly, it’s the best guntarded comment we’ve heard since the big outcry over high capacity assault massacre clips last year. How do these morons get elected? No one who has to wear a bump helmet should be allowed in office, that’s our motto. Right there under No spandex for fat girls. Anyway, our boy Trek (guest writer Erik Utrecht of MDFI and sometime bouncer at Nancy’s) got riled up about it. Here’s what he has to say.

Ghost Guns and .30 Cal Clips

Some of the best advice I ever received as a young NCO was, “Make sure you know the full story before making a judgment on discipline.” To this day, I pride myself on doing my damndest to hear both sides of a story before making up my mind. Due to this policy, I have had my mind changed on lots of topics when presented with a factual and well thought out argument.

Sadly, the good citizens of these United States, especially in places like New York, Colorado and certain pseudo foreign countries such as California and New Jersey are watching their 2A rights whittled away by asshattery the like of which the world hasn’t seen maybe as far back as when Lucius III wrote that damn letter.  In a complete 180 from attempting a logic or factual based counterpoint to the 2A, the Democrats in these states have adopted a “Full Retard Scorched Truth” policy that leaves all who oppose it speechless – for good reason.

Today’s prime example of such a tactic (and similar Windex-flavored fuckery) is brought to you by CA Senator Kevin De Leon. De Leon  delivers a scathing blow to 2A supporters, Paranormal Researchers and Hair Stylists (no offense to Breach-Bang-Brian) in one fell swoop. If you’re curious, De Leon represents CA’s 22nd District, which unfortunately includes a couple of really good single dancing mom venues and at least one awesome hot dog stand.

De Leon is now playing with the big boys and girls. He has joined the esteemed ranks of such geniuses as CO Rep Diana Degette (who hit the ground running believing that rifle magazines were the same as ammunition) and of course CO Rep Joe “Rape Whistle” Salazar, who makes our heads hurt every time he speaks.

I had the chance to talk to some within the California grass-roots gun rights groups to discuss their approach. It can’t be easy fighting this sort of fervent onslaught of cretinous, misinformed feculence on the part of crafty liberal strategists. (grunts: feculence) Although most are concerned that their factual and Constitutionally based strategy might struggle against such window-lickery, they rest easy in the fact that most of their opponents are staying at home in fear of those high capacity assault massacre mags and (even worse), murderous barrel shrouds.

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Note: this is Trek’s first article with us here, but you may remember the images he submitted to help us back when we were discussing some sort of Shotgun Joe Biden Tactical Scattergun Course.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!