Lots to see at Comic Con 2016


A ton of nerdy goodness came out during San Diego’s Comic Con this year, including a number of bosomy lady cosplayers (bless their hearts). A lot of trailers were shown the first time, including a new one for Suicide Squad, the first one for Justice League, and another for Vikings Season 4.

Cosplayer Lisa Lou Who by Martin Wong


We rounded a bunch of ’em up for you. You’re welcome.

If superheroes aren’t your thing, check out the new King Kong flick. The new one is apparently set a little more recently than its predecessors — like maybe Vietnam age, judging by the Huey slicks cruising above the jungle with M-60s in the door (a juxtaposition we actually kinda like).

Grunts: juxtaposition.

Now take a look at this decidedly unusual — and somewhat awesome — take on the King Arthur Legend.


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If none of that does it for you, here’s a look at the ship from the new Star Trek series, then a few minutes from Season 7 of the Walking Dead.

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There may be more coming out, we dunno.

OH! And Game of Thrones Season 7 is in production. Can’t forget that (or we shouldn’t, anyway).

That cover photo, by the way, is cosplayer Lisa Lou Who, in a shot by Martin Wong. She’s only one of many cosplayers at SDCC 2016.

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