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America is the world’s best gun club. America = Freedom. Sometimes Freedom is best administered to those in need with the business end of a rifle.

We here at Breach-Bang-Clear are extremely pleased to introduce our latest badass shirt, the  Freedom Rifle. Now, we obviously know all rifles are capable of keeping us safe from tyranny and oppression in different forms. But lets face the facts here people, some rifles are more Freedom loving then others. The M16/AR-15 family of weapons has been this great nations go-to dirtbag remover in faroff places since the 1960s. At this exact moment, somewhere in the world, some freedom hating shitsucker is screaming their way to hell as our country’s primary service rifle softly recoils. It serves our service men and women, rides in police cruisers to thwart active shooters and leans against bedroom walls and at the ready in gun safes all across the USA. Always there to protect, standing by to administer kinetic liberty to assholes in Freedomless places, the Freedom Rifle is always up to the task. Some people will say AR stands for Armalite Rifle (and a few fuckwits the “Automatic Rifle”), but we know the truth. AR stands for America’s Rifle! Either in full auto military configuration, or precision long barrel, these rifles continue to keep free men free on both the battlefield as well as hometown America. This lightweight, gas operated, low recoil ballistic Freedom dispenser has been through it all, from arctic cold tundra to blazing hot deserts. From triple canopy jungle to the surf line, these weapons continue to shoot true and put our enemies down for good. 

Now, pay attention here, this is important. Viewing the Freedom Rifle image has been shown to cause the following in our prerelease focus groups: immediate enlistment/reenlistment, increased beard growth, increased accuracy, faster primary weapon reload times, intensified female libido in every partner measured (as well as length of orgasm), a higher IQ and increased love of America. (Note: your individual results may vary.)  Our homage schematic features some of our favorite accessories in a modern fighting rifle design.

Freedom Rifle 1

Wearing the shirt will almost certainly give you a freedom boner. 

The Freedom Rifle may cause a Freedom Boner

This isn’t the first “rifle anatomy” image to go around. The first one we saw was back in March, when the dry erase marker drawing of a SCAR made the rounds. We saw that and thought, that’s a fine example of fucking freedom right there. Later, while sitting around talking in the Mad Duo bunker (the entrance is behind the trailer skirts under Nancy’s Squat N’ Gobble). We’ve been wanting to put together the best damn tribute shirt to one of the greatest rifles of the greatest nation in the history of the world. With Swingin’ Dick slamming beers and ole’ Slim knocking back the scotch, the idea materialized in front of us like a holy vision. We figured what better way to show our undying love for our favorite blaster, than to feature the most freedom-loving design ever to be viewed by red blooded Americans? It will be our homage to a weapon we admire, much as that kid did with his SCAR meme. 

Note – shirt does not actually come with a Freedom Rifle. You should already own one.

Wear it and you channel the glorious history of Freedom Rifles that have gone before. Pull on the Freedom Rifle and you’ll be instantly reminded how awesome it is to be a citizen in the worlds best gun club.

The Freedom Rifle can come in many forms.


Get your t-shirt here:

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