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So, a couple of quick updates and a question. You guys know we have mailed ourselves all over the world visiting troops in the field. We've got pictures in Afghanistan, Iraq, a really weird place in Africa, Australia and of course all over the US. Sometimes we're fighting alongside the grunts, sometimes in training, often at strip clubs (remember when we got thrown out of that one place in Vegas with the SF guys from Denmark?) Anyway, we've finally gotten started on a gallery and an interactive map. Stay tuned for that. If we can get permission, we'll post the video of us in a convoy ambush…we just don't want to get a certain young gyrene in trouble for filming us with tracers in the background instead of shooting back.

As most of you are aware, it's the guys with boots on the ground (overseas and on the street at home) we typically write for, though we are increasingly impressed with the trained and educated responsibly armed citizens we meet. However, sometimes it's cool to hang out with celebrities and celebrity shooters. To that end we've hung out with and interviewed the director of Act of Valor, Scott Waugh, as well as likes of Rob Pincus, Kyle LambChris Costa, Travis Haley, and Airborne Willie.

Those guys are all great guys to spend time with, but our question is, do you want to hear about the guy from this video? Because to be honest, he seems like our kind of dude. Let us know what you think. 




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