Zipper Suited Sun Gods: a look at Fighter Pilots

We like bashing on zipper suited sun gods, particularly the fighter jocks. This isn’t to impugn (grunts: impugn) their ability or skill. There are some true warriors up there pushing a stick, and anyone who says they don’t appreciate CAS is either lying to you or they’re an insurgent. The arrogance of some starts to chafe us before too long – not because we mind someone who is self-assured. We’re just confident the world revolves around us, not them – though to be fair the flightsuits look good on the hawt female aircrew.

You know what the worst thing in the world would be? A Navy SEAL pilot. That would create some kind of wormhole of self-congratulatory awesomeness. The flightsuit for a Navy SEAL pilot would have to be sewn of unicorn hair and washed in dragon semen or something, there’d just be no other way to put them in uniform.


Now, lest the butt tears flow, we’ll remind you how awesome it can be to have fighter pilots flying top cover.


We appreciate all the help zipper-suited sun gods have given us over the years, but we’re still going to make fun of them.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

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