Bullet Bullshit in California

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Bullet Bullshit in California

News Desk — some interesting points from Unprecedented Mediocrity

Ammunition registration in 2018 and Poll Taxes of the late 1800s — are they related? Yeah, we think so.

You’ll likely have already heard about California’s latest anti-firearm fuckery. As of today, you can’t sell ammunition without being formally licensed to do so by the Department of Justice. The new laws, originating as Proposition 63 in 2016, mean any ammunition purchased (including online) must come from a licensed vendor. It’s also now illegal to transport ammo across state lines.

California ammunition laws in 2018 are de facto gun control

If that’s not stupid enough for you, as of July 2019 you’ll actually have to complete a background check to purchase ammunition.

Believe that shit?

Griffin Dix, Co-Chair of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, “explains” it thusly:

“It’s not an attempt to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing ammunition. But it is an attempt to make sure that the sales don’t go to criminals and other persons who are prohibited from buying ammunition.”

What. the. fuck.

Unprecedented Mediocrity had a suggestion as to how the rest of the country should handle it, and some sharp thoughts on the whole contrived, anti-Second Amendment mess. He also posits an interesting correlation to the Fifteenth and Twenty-Fourth Amendments.

“One might think it’s preposterous to draw any correlation between the civil rights movement this ban on ammunition. Maybe it is, I don’t know but it’s my blog and I can correlate what I want. However, the truth remains that citizens of another state are having their constitutional right creatively infringed. While the rest of the country typically enjoys laughing at California, we really should be spreading the word about what’s going on here.”

Ammunition registration in 2018 and Poll Taxes of the late 1800s — are they related? Yeah, we know so.

So does that mean it’s time for civil disobedience? Read on and see what Unprecedented Mediocrity thinks in the article, It’s Time for Creative Civil Disobedience, by Jeff Edwards.

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