Brian Montgomery


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[column one-half] A pipe-hitter in the fine tradition of Ulysses Everett McGill (with perhaps a dash of Mr. Parker thrown in), Breach-Bang-Brian would rather buy his ammunition from Morris & Sons and pay eleventy times the non retarded price there than shop at Wal-Mart for bullets. This is because as the HMFIC of the BB&C Metrotactical Division we fully expect him to maintain certain appearances and standards. Despite his Tier One sartorial eloquence and apoplectic response to jean shorts, Brian Montgomery is the sort of hair-product-using fellow who is welcome in the company of skilled face-shooters and other assorted knuckle-draggers. He was a LEO for 2 decades, working everything from counter-narcotics to gang enforcement, probation & parole and of course patrol. He was a firearms instructor (and still is) with an uncanny ability to suborn intel from even the most recalcitrent tweakers, homicide suspects and other savory types. He’s had a long love affair with knives, beginning when he was just a lad working for Al Mar in a town we can’t pronounce in Oregon, and he’s been decorated departmentally for valor. Yes, in case you have to ask: Breach-Bang-Brian is a Dapper Dan Man.

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