Atmospherics – Sometimes You Should Run Away

May 18, 2015  
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That’s right, we said it. Sometimes it’s best just to get the hell out of Dodge. It is incumbent upon you to be ready to fight if you have to; the ultimate bearer of responsibility for your family’s safety is you. All vainglorious posturing about readiness, willingness, and EDC aside, occasionally  (perhaps even usually) the responsible thing to do is evacuate the immediate vicinity and be prepared to be a good witness!

Monty Python Run Away Animated Gif

Grunts: vainglorious.

Twin-Peaks Motorcycle Gang Shooting Texas

Image courtesy of Lauren Partain

This, of course, means you should 1) pay attention to your surroundings. Situational Awareness is something we’ve preached as long as we’ve been writing – in fact we once did a whole series of articles on it. 2) make sure your family and friends have been briefed on what to do if things go pear-shaped. That’s not paranoia, it’s common sense. If for some reason you feel the need to stay behind while sending your family away (and that could certainly happen) do they know what to tell the 911 operator?

If there’s going to be a big dustup, like the gunfight between the motorcycle gangs on Sunday or the brawl in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Cottonwood, you can be pretty sure a build-up and maybe some posturing will precede it. The one in Waco, for instance, started inside and spilled out into the parking lot.  That might just be your cue to get on down the road and provide an articulate witness statement later, though admittedly in a scene that left numerous dead, 18 hurt, nearly 200 in handcuffs and over 100 seized weapons that might be harder than at your typical crime scene.

If you were one of those whose visit to Twin Peaks was ruined by gunfire, we’re sorry. We too mourn the missed chance to observe bosoms in such an environment. Hopefully, all the dead guys were assholes in gang colors. Too bad the final score for bad guys was just 9.

Alas, you won’t be eating burgers at that Twin Peaks ever again.

Waco Police Warning - motorcycle gang shootout



A lot of you reading this have a clue. Please sound off if you have any advice or useful commentary on the subject of atmospherics and responsible family planning (not the kind that involves condoms, mind you, but rather concerning how to deal with emergencies in public). It might help someone in the future.

Looking forward to reading your comments here on the website.

P.S. If you’re one of the people acting as an apologist for or defending the outlaw motorcycle club culture, go choke yourself and stop watching Sons of Anarchy. Not all motorcycle clubs are criminal organizations, but all criminal motorcycle clubs are fucking clowns. They’re no better than any other criminal group of assholes.


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  1. JESullivan

    ” Back to the wall” “Pin straightened on the frag” …How would Johnny Rambo do it? Plans often go out the window before the ride begins. should try to game the situation into a favorable one as much as can be.Choose your own table..tell the nice host where YOU wish to sit! Find the exit(s) and/or avenues of egress, nearby hardcover, a view of the cashiers as trouble is likely to begin there. I was known to “preach” a little to youngsters and also young officers… “we’re NOT infantry..we are not charged with closing on and destroying the bad guys” If you can avoid a gunfight, do it. Come back to it when YOU initiate it and the odds are at their best or the deadly action can be avoided entirely.This situational awareness should always be with us regardless of situation. With a family, GET BUSY !

  2. paceaux

    When I walk in to a restaurant, I try to make mental notes of the people working there and of the exits. When I sit, I try to keep my back against a wall, and my eyes towards the main entrance.

    When I’m in a public space, I look around and try to find other people who are paying attention. There’s never more than 1 or 2; most folks are engaged in conversation or looking down at a cell phone. But, it’s those other folks who’re paying attention that indicate to me whether I’m in a safe environment.

    Being safe is being aware, and smart phones don’t make you more aware. So leave the phone in your pocket.

  3. Tom in Wisconsin

    Fantastic use of The Black Widows.

  4. Guy Cordle

    great article guys. Being armed and trained should never be an excuse to not avoid a fight. Fights are violent fluid environments. The only responsible course of action is to only fight as a last resort. Thank you for the wisdom and all the great stuff you put out!

  5. Mic

    5 American Legion Riders groups and several other Veterans MC’s are listed on the United Clubs of Waco Website as being affiliated with the BANDIDOS MC and several other 1%’er clubs. They should be publicly shamed.

  6. Johnny

    Time to un-ass the AO.

  7. Red

    Be discreet. Violent groups, especially them vs us booze fueled groups, aren’t solely composed of bikers and thugs. Sporting events, usually with big tailgates, have a tendency to go wrong. Don’t wear a Dallas jersey to an Eagles game or a Yankees jersey to a Red Sox game. Be aware of your surroundings before you get into a potentially bad situation.

  8. frank brickey

    Family First.

  9. Steve

    Observe what’s going down and look for normalcy before getting out of your vehicle. Always carry some cash so you can flip it on the table if you feel the need to leave in a hurry without waiting for a check, Check for exits as you walk in. Sit where you can observe the entrance and watch who is coming and going. If your gut says no, listen and act on the advice.

    • LSWCHP

      What the man said there. About 20 years ago I was at a carnival with my wife and 3 kids, one only a few months old. Something raised my hackles and I listened. We started to bail out with my wife going “WTF?” when a huge brawl involving about 40 guys started right where we had been. Some of them were using clubs and chains. It turned out that a group of local hoods had been ejected by the carny folk the previous day for being assholes, so they’d tooled up and come back looking for revenge.

      One minute later there was a pile of unconconscious bleeding hoods on the ground. If I hadn’t listened to my gut my family could’ve been part of that. So yeah, listen to your instincts and don’t wait to act if something feels wrong.

      And as I tell my now nearly grown sons…don’t go to stupid places and do stupid shit with stupid people.

  10. bill

    Gunfighter’s chair. Back to the wall with a view of the room. Plan paths of egress and observe areas of cover when seated. Retreat if possible, fight if you must.

  11. Trunk

    Have a plan for your family. My wife and I talk this through a few times a year just to know we are both on the same sheet of music. Of course leaving is most likely the best option and if we do, my wife goes first with child and I follow behind to provide cover if needed. If we have to stay, she and child are behind me by a few feet and on the ground. Wife is also on the phone with 911 and giving as much info as she can to include my description and that I am LE and armed.

  12. Ordnance Marine

    Avoidance. I do not take my family to questionable areas when we go to town. Hell, I don’t go to questionable areas when I go to town alone. Granted, Montana does not have a tidal wave of bad crime, but we are not an innocent state either. Better safe than sorry.

    • Taylor TX

      Thing is, its a pretty nice part of Waco. The picture used above is a perfect ref, its next to a Cabelas and a Cavenders Western Wear among others. IF the restaurant was indeed courting bikers allowing them to recruit there, I would 100% agree with you its a questionable location to visit.

  13. Jack Frost

    “Started over a parking space”… Yeah, but only if by parking space you mean major territory for the Meth trade…

  14. robert walker

    I always sit with my back towards the restroom with me sitting on the aisle, where i can have a view of bar if there is one and the front entrance becasue in restruants like this the restroom is generally towards the back wall and an emergency exit. i sit on the side with the restroom due to always my kids or wife will have to go and i do not want to be seperated from them, if i am close enough to the restroom then you can always barricade in their, or duck out the exit door if neeeded or onto the kitchen. as the trouble got started in the restroom and i couldnt have made it in there with the family then over turn a table and get your butt as close to the ground as possible!


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