Armageddon Gear 2A Giveway | 2nd Amendment Promotion

Armageddon Gear
Good gear for places that’ll freeze your ass off. Or for that matter, places where you’ll sweat your balls off.

Armageddon Gear 2A Giveway

The folks at Armageddon Gear have partnered with Federal Premium in a special promotion for those who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. From February 1 through April 30, 2018, customers who purchase of $150 or more of ammunition or components from one of the following brands will receive an AG ammo bag.

Click here to read the promotion details.

Also, here’s a good read about the 2nd amendment from our archives: Needing the 2nd Amendment, My Life as a Tyrant.

You’re reading this articile in its edificationally edificacious totality (we made those words up) thanks in no small part to Armageddon Gear – “Pray you never need gear this good.”

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