An Eyewitness Account of the Ohio State Attack


An Eyewitness Account of the Ohio State Attack

No doubt by now you’ve heard about the terrorist attack at Ohio State University. Just days after ISIS released a video encouraging knife attacks, a fire alarm went off in Watts Hall apparently due to a reported gas leak. While the students were outside, a devout Muslim and Somali immigrant intentionally drove through a crowd at a high rate of speed. He then stopped, got out of his vehicle with a large knife, and began stabbing people. Within two minutes of the attack starting, he got his shit pushed in by OSU Officer Alan Horujko, in the form of three quick handgun shots. Horujko was reportedly nearby because we was responding to the gas leak.

All told eleven people were injured, at least one of them critically, but the only life lost was the attacker’s.

Of course, this clear narrative didn’t come out until many, many hours after the event. Remember, the news runs with the mantra “You can be First, or You can Be Right”. The confusion in this case is simple–we’re talking about one of the largest universities in the United States, and the shots happened so quickly due to Horujko’s location and fast actions, that it all got jumbled together. And the news runs with everything. OSU did indeed send out a mass text that read:

Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College

While one may think that “active shooter” always means, “active shooter” the FBI and DHS working definition is:

An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area

Regardless of the current definition, the most important thing is that the message went out as quickly as possible so students, faculty, and police could all take appropriate action.

Remember, initial reports are always wrong. No doubt in the coming days we’ll hear more and more about the terrorist, but here’s to hoping that we hear more about Alan Horujko instead. Yeah, we know; fat chance. We’ve already heard cries of “false flag!” and some from others admonishing the officer. We wish we could say this was unbelievable, but it seems 2016 still has some more surprises in store.

An eyewitness account of the incident was recently posted on Reddit by someone with the name ‘Studman96’. And here we thought Reddit was only for obscure porn and complaining. Huh.

While the veracity of this random internet account cannot be verified, there’s good reason to believe this isn’t a fabricated tale. Without further ado:

I was actually present for this attack, was nearly hit by the car where it came to rest. Right outside Watts hall, the Material Science Engineering building, where we had just been evacuated for a fire alarm. Everyone was standing around in the courtyard, waiting for the fireman to come back out and declare it clear. The firetrucks started to pull away, and seconds later I heard a tearing, grinding crash and a lot of screams. At first it seemed like an accident, like maybe someone had slammed on the accelerator instead of the gas, and the car had hopped the curb, hit a big concrete/brick garden planter and launched over, landing immobilized on the other side, closest to me. I was starting to move towards the car to see if everyone was ok, a couple of people I saw that got hit were sprawled on the ground around the car. He must have still been trying to go forwards, holding down on the gas pedal, because the engine was revving super high. Then, when I was only a couple feet away, the door flew open and the guy came out flailing, I didn’t even see the knife at first, I just saw swinging and a whole bunch of motion. My friend and classmate was on the driver’s side of the car, and i was more on the passenger side. He caught the brunt of the attack when the guy sprung out of the car, and got some pretty deep cuts on his hands and arms. As I write this, he was released about an hour or two ago from surgery, he’s ok but has some messed up tendons and nerves. Some others had broken bones, and I think just one more stab wound which was pretty bad. I’m just so thankful no one was killed, these were my close friends and people I care about, and to be right in the thick of it, when no one knew what was happening or why, it was scary. I ran, and I ran fast. I still don’t know if I should’ve stayed and fought, or tried to help, and part of me feels guilty. But before I knew it I was through the building and out on the other side. That’s when I heard the gunshots, and I didn’t slow down to find out anything more. Thank god the attacker was the only casualty, he deserves worse than he got.

I know it is only speculation, but I have to believe it was a planned attack, in relation to the fire alarm. The fire evacuation plans are plastered in every hallway of that building, he would’ve known that everyone would be conveniently grouped right there, in a three-walled courtyard with no easy escape route. There was about 20-25 minutes between the fire alarm going off and the attack, more than enough time for him to sound the alarm and retreat back to his car across the street. As soon as those trucks pulled away, boom, it all happened.

I guess writing this is kind of my therapy. I made it to one of the dorms about 1/4 mile away, where we were under lockdown for what was apparently about 2 hours. Coming out of it, it only felt as if about 20 minutes had passed, it was the weirdest feeling. Anyways, I guess I wanted to give my personal account of what happened, because I never thought that something like this would happen to me, and it was a little bit of a wake up.

Stay vigilant out there, the world is a crazy place. But hand in hand with that, seeing the community’s response to all of this kind of evens it out. There is still good in the world.


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5 thoughts on “An Eyewitness Account of the Ohio State Attack

  • November 29, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    Why block the facebook\twitter names of the people who made those ridiculous posts?

  • November 29, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    I was about 20 yards away when this all went down. Everything that reddit post says I can confirm. I was just walking trying to get my brothers car from off campus when I heard the crash and then the god awful sound of other students screaming. I was already booking it yelling at others to get away when I heard the three shots. I didn’t stay around to see the bodies I was only concerned with getting the hell out of there. The scariest part, the attacker didn’t say a single word. I only heard the yells of others, no declaration of allegiance or any threats.

  • November 29, 2016 at 9:29 am

    I find it extremely amusing that the officer was nearby because of the fire alarm that the attacker used to concentrate his intended victims.

    Unintended consequences.

  • November 29, 2016 at 7:07 am

    I agree. I can gather all the same details from watching the news. A student that lives in the area and walked by after the incident could have seen enough, got to a computer, and pecked out a quick story. There’s too much fluff in his/her writing for me to believe it was a someone who just witnessed an attack like this. What was the time stamp on the post?

  • November 29, 2016 at 5:48 am

    Somthing smells fishy…


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