Aluminum Extended Magazine Plates – Strike Industries’ Glock 19 Glamour

Extended Mag Plate Glock 19
March 12, 2022  
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Are you looking to doll up your Glock 19 mags and add a little more budget in your round count? You might have seen extended magazine plates on the market that do just that. However, there are always outliers, and these have caught our eye. So let’s see what Strike Industries’ aluminum extended magazine plates bring to the table

Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate

Here’s a bit of what they had to say about this addition to their line-up.

The Strike Industries Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate for GLOCK G19 (9mm) was designed first to provide smoother magazine reloading. It does so through a slow drag, no-snag design while maintaining maximum magazine capacity. 

Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate on Glock

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, this Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) adds five (5) 9mm rounds to OEM double stack GLOCK G19 magazines.

Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate

Following the success of our EMP systems for pistols, the form factor and unique geometric design give a unified and aggressive aesthetic look to your GLOCK G19.


They are available at the links below. Do us a solid and buy yours with one of our links. 

Primary Arms

Optics Planet

Midway USA

⚠️There are also EMPs for Glock 17/22 at Primary Arms, Palmetto State Armory, and Optics Planet.

Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate

Included is an aluminum plate which adds extra locking security. So give your GLOCK pistol the additional rounds it deserves with the Strike Industries Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for GLOCK G19 (9mm).

Check out the SI EMP Pocket Clip and save a couple of bucks when ordering as a combo. The Strike Industries EMP Pocket Clip gives you a quick and easy way to carry a spare pistol magazine for when you need it. As well as, the clip can help hang or organize magazines in a range bag or safe. 

Strike Industries Mag Extension Features:

  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Plus 5 round capacity for 9mm
  • Includes aluminum locking plate
  • Low drag / no snag design
  • Fits USPSA 140mm race division limit
  • Available in anodized SI Black, Red, or FDE colors

Product Specifications:

LENGTH: 48.35mm (1.90″)

WIDTH: 28.51mm (1.12″)

HEIGHT: 34.86mm (1.37″)

WEIGHT: 1.9 oz

WEIGHT W/ PKG: 2.4 oz

Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate Compatibility:

  • GLOCK factory OEM G19 (9mm) double stack magazines
  • SI EMP Pocket Clip
  • ETS Magazines that are over ten rounds. Please note we cannot control or even be aware if ETS ever changes their design and the SI EMP no longer is compatible
  • Magwell: tested to work with SI magwells


  • G23 (.40 Cal)
  • 10-round magazines

Package Contents:

  • Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate for GLOCK G19
  • Extended length spring
  • Aluminum locking plate
  • Aluminum locking plate set screw (M3x8mm)
  • Hex tool
  • Warning card

If you’re interested in checking out the aluminum extended magazine plates or the EMP pocket clips, head over to Optics Planet, Midway USA, or     find out more.


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  1. GomeznSA

    Maybe it is just me but this seems to be a ‘solution’ for a non-existent ‘problem’. If ya need extra rounds for your G19, just steal one from your G17……………..(insert eyeroll).


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