Alexo Athletica Concealed Carry Leggings

Primary Arms Alexo Concealed Carry Legging
| March 24, 2021
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Some dudes are total gear junkies; some get geeked out over lumens, Gucciguns, and knives. As a woman, I geek out over comfortable EDC pants and do what they say they are going to do; Help me CC and be comfy at the same time. When I find a worthy pair of concealed carry leggings, I take the time to share that intelligence with other ladies that enjoy the second amendment and the ability to protect themselves as much as I do.

Bring forth the Alexo Athletica Concealed Carry Leggings

Alexo Concealed Carry Legging, camo, Primary Arms

These pants checked all the boxes!

Do you want comfort? Check. Do you want style? Check — I love the camo pattern on these. Do you want confidence? Check – I did some miles with the Alexo Concealed Carry Leggings and felt very confident carrying with them. Do you want pockets? Check -these pants have pockets and held my iPhone 11 pro.

Concealed carry legging appendix carry

Appendix carry with the Alex Concealed Carry Legging.

These leggings are 7/8 length, but I’m 5’4″ and could wear them full length, which is what I prefer. I ordered medium and was super happy with the sizing.

Alexo Concealed Carry Legging

When you are heading out and don’t want to purse or holster carry, these pants will get the job done.

Alexo Camo Concealed Carry legging from Primary Arms, appendix holster

I right side appendix carry, but these pants give you plenty of options, a right and left appendix holster, and one right and one left kidney holster.

Don’t forget the pockets! What’s the use of no purse carry if you don’t have a spot for your cash, cards, phone, and keys. Two side pockets got you covered, and they are deep enough!

Alexo legging, camo

The thing that makes these leggings unique is the patent-pending double-pocket system. This feature gives the wearer the option to safely carry a firearm by placing a credit card or ID in the front V-shaped pocket to provide trigger protection.

Primary Arms Alexo concealed carry legging with double pocket system

I was a little hesitant of this at; first, no trigger guard; I haven’t carried that way, so I decided to spend an afternoon in my home with my P365 unloaded as I did chores to get myself used to it.

Primary Arms concealed carry legging with P365 holstered.

Spending time with your firearm unloaded is a great way to learn a new way to carry.

The ID holder made me feel more secure, and it’s the perfect place to store my ID and cards if I need to swing by the store or stop for a slice and beer after one of my hikes.

Primary Arms Alexo Concealed Carry Legging

Here are some specs on these pants:

•Four total pockets for discreet carry
•7/8 length
•73% Nylon, 27% Spandex
•Color: Camo

Ladies, go grab a pair of these pants from Primary Arms. I promise you will feel confident and comfortable!


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  1. Hey Bud

    Why are Alexo Athletica products not made in the U.S.A.?

  2. Carrie

    Now, you just need to come up with some shorts for the people that live in the hotter climates. No way will I wear leggings in 90 degree temps…..Love the idea though

  3. Chuck, Sgt. USMC '55-'63

    I’m Old Corps. When I saw, “concealed carry leggings” I immediately thought of the canvas leggings we strapped around our ankles when wearing boondockers. Well, was I surprised. However, it did answer my thoughts about how leggings could be considered concealed carry. I guess I will pass on your product as it my present physique doesn’t quit fit the product.


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