Sage Sageness: Agency Arms COWAN! signature series pistol

| January 24, 2020
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There are 2 versions of the pistol we’re gonna tell you about it. Pay attention, cuz it’s complicated: Version and Version 2. They’re Glock 45-based pistols built to Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics’ specifications by Agency Arms. Below you’ll find details of the Sage Dynamics Signature Series Pistols.

Sage Dynamics signature series Glock 45

As we understand it…

Agency Arms

Sage Dynamics Signature Series Pistols

Agency Arms has teamed with Aaron Cowan and Sage Dynamics to design, develop, and release a new Sage series of signature pistols. The platform will be offered in two configurations: the V1 and V2, both based on the (user-supplied) Glock 45. Both boast features evolved from the patented Agency Arms NOC system.

V1 has enhanced G45 cocking serrations to add an improved grip and surface area, though it has been minimized to provide a more inexpensive model. The V2 features much more aggressive slide work. Both come with standard “Agency Armor” stipple for the best friction possible in a frame. Iron sights are available forward and/or rear, though some folks might suggest sticking with front sights only.

  • AOS (Agency Optic System) modular optic system standard.
  • User selects desired plate.
  • Optimized for 124gr and 124gr +P ammunition but will run 115gr as well.
  • Utilizes a unique comp available only on Sage edition guns.
  • Mid line barrel and comp coated in Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
  • Proprietary guide rod coated in Rose Gold PVD
  • Aggressive stipple pattern
  • Gunsmith fitted trigger group
  • Initial offerings are in black DL (Diamond Like Coating), OD Green, and MC-Black.
  • Red/Black (Sage Dynamics) patch version also available.
  • Laser Engraved Sage Dynamics logo on top of the slide

Agency Arms G45 Sage Edition pistols

The V2 Pistol also features…

  • Enhanced “DNA Collectors” in the rear and aggressive front compound serrations.
  • Top serrations for improved front-of-slide manipulation.
  • Premier Mid line barrel and comp coated in Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
  • 2-Tone Cerakote (on Cerakote models)
  • 2-Tone stipple on OD Green and MultiCam black versions.
  • Laser engraved Sage Dynamics logo on the left and right side.

Aaron Cowan teamed with Agency Arms to design his new signature series.


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Note that the steel compensator on both models is a proprietary barrel/comp/guide rod assembly that obviate the need for set screws, shims, or thread locker.

Find the Aaron Cowan Sage Dynamics Signature Series pistol build services on the Agency Arms website.

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Agency Arms: Sage edition pistol

Agency G45 Sage edition

Agency G45 Sage edition

Agency G45 Sage edition

Agency G45 Sage edition Agency G45 Sage edition

Agency G45 Sage edition

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