Aero Precision EPC: Aero Enhanced Pistol Caliber Hits Shores Soon!

March 3, 2021  
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2020 was an absolute shit show of a year. So much so that it interrupted SHOT Show 2021, and delayed many of the guns, gear, and tactical mankinis we expected to see in 2020. Happily, one of our favorite guns shown at SHOT 2020 is at long last finally hitting the shores: the Aero Precision EPC, or Enhanced Pistol Caliber. Just to be clear, that’s more than marketing jazz being blown up our asses. The EPC’s features and design really do make it a tough-to-beat pistol caliber AR design.

The EPC will be released as build kits first to allows those handy with a wrench and punch the opportunity to piece them together. Let’s break those uppers and lowers down.

Aero Precision EPC

Enhanced Pistol Caliber Upper

Aero’s EPC upper comes installed with a first of its kind, proprietary bolt-hold open device. When your PCC takes Glock magazine that’s a tough feature to integrate, but Aero Precision found a way to make it work. To outfit your upper you can use most common AR 15 handguard and barrel nuts, or you can check out the new length of ATLAS handguard specifically designed for the EPC. Speaking of, barrel lengths come in both short and long sizes. You can go can short with 5.5 inches, be average at 8.3 or 11 inches, or man-sized at 16 inches.

Caliber wise we are getting 9mm and 40 S&W, and in the future we are looking to see a 10mm option for cool kids, and 45 ACP for old men.

The EPC Lower

Lower wise we are getting an easy to assemble design. We are talkin’ caveman easy with a threaded bolt catch pin, a threaded takedown pin detent/spring channel an integrated trigger guard, and a flared magazine well. Little things matter and Aero Precision stuffed their lower with little things.

Their lower parts kit is wisely designed with robust and hardened trigger pins that are better designed to take the abuse that a blowback puts on a weapon. It’s all recoil and force so parts breakage tends to be more common. The EPC lower parts kit takes care of that.

The engineers at Aero Precision are much smarter than use and found a way to customize the ergonomics to function around pistol magazines. The magazine release is bigger than your mom and even easier to use. The bolt lock is placed right where it needs to be, and the safety is ready for standard or short safeties.

The Whole Package

Aero Precision is letting the EPC fly home with buyers on 3/3, so get on it boys, girls and whoever else reads this. They aren’t bound to last long. Never fear, Aero Precision will likely release everything from exclusive and limited built kits to full rifles soon enough. Check ’em out, we hope to get one of these gun kits soon enough.

Learn more online. 

Aero Precision EPC

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