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| October 4, 2017
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Some great blasters come outta Wisconsin – check out American Defense Manufacturing! (A member of JTF Awesome.)


Big Joe

American Defense Manufacturing has been working on a new line of rifles for the Law Enforcement community. They recently released their UIC MOD 1 LE and UIC MOD 1 LE-X models, made with the Law Enforcement professional in mind and designed with numerous excellent features (some of you may have seen an advanced look during OTOA).

ADM sent us a UIC MOD 1 LE to toy around with for a few days and to use in Sentinel Concepts Practical Urban Carbine Class. Don’t worry — I’m not going to drone on and on about the class right now. You’ll see more on that later. And to be clear, this is a report on initial impressions and performance only. It’s not a long, drawn-out, post torture test review about how I submerged the gun in the brine of an endorheic lake for a week, ran over with with a CAT CP44, dropped it in a vat of liquid helium then took it to the range. Nor is it a doctoral thesis that includes notes on metallurgy or barrel harmonics.

If you’re looking for that, you’re gonna need to look elsewhere. We’re not gonna act like this is sumthin’ it ain’t.

American Defense Manufacturing Universal Improved Carbine

Model shown is a 14.5″ with pinned and welded A2x flash hider.

Grunts: Endorheism.

The MOD 1 LE will ship with a number of features and components. After giving the MOD 1 LE the good old once over – twice – I saw that some serious thought went into selecting what would be included in the final iteration.

The Lower includes

Fully ambidextrous controls featuring a right side bolt catch and release lever and left side magazine release

• Radian Talon ambidextrous safety selector

• 20 degree enhanced mag well.

• Enlarged trigger guard

• American Defense Mfg HD Buffer

• ALG QMS Fire Control Group

• American Defense Mfg QD Endplate

• Integral upper/lower tension adjusting screw

• Magpul Stock and Grip

• Magpul 30 Round Magazine w/ MagPod


The upper includes

• 10.5 in. – 16.0 in. Faxon Barrels featuring 5.56 NATO Chambers QPQ Finish

• Mil-spec Enhanced BCG with a Nitride QPQ finish

• Radian Raptor LT Charging Handle

• Mil-spec carbine or mid-length gas system

• American Defense Mfg M-LOK Free Float Rail (length appropriate for barrel)

• A2 or A2X Flash Hider

• Magpul MBUS Polymer Backup Sights

So that’s the boomstick right outta the box; it’s fully ambidextrous, so lefties aren’t left to fend for themselves (see what I did there?). The next thing that I noticed is all — all you gotta do is slap your optic of choice up there, grab yourself a sling of choice and its ready for da mean streetz.

I feel a little guilty talking so much about it, but this damn thing really does come loaded with goodness. It ships with Magpul accessories, Radian charging handle and safety selectors, MLOK, the list goes on. But wait, there’s more! Actually there’s not more, but that’s actually plenty. Especially with a MAP of $1,600.

When they first told me the price I thought they were screwing with me.

You know, half the time when you buy a new rifle, you’re like, I need to change this, or I gotta change out that. You’ll have to be a picky shooter indeed if you still want to do that with this blaster.

American Defense Manufacturing Universal Improved Carbine

On the way up to the class I stopped at the Brownell’s retail store to pick up some ammo. While there I did some silent protesting (cuz that’s the cool thing to do, you know) and eventually talked them into lending me a Leupold Mk. 8 CQBSS (that’s a 1.1-8 power optic), which helped during the class. I have terrible long-distance vision, and Fisher had us shooting out at 200 to 300 yards. That Leupold came in handy (so, big thank you! to Brownells; go check out that optic here.

I put a total of 800 rounds downrange during the class and a couple hundred more a few days later, all straight out of the box without a drop of lube. I’ve hit the range with it a couple times since, too — thus far it hasn’t skipped a beat. (ADM ships lube with the gun, though, so I’d have been gtg if it had hiccuped.)

During training day one we zeroed and shot at various ranges to show differences in zeroes. I was feeding the UIC 55gr Wolf for the class. Right out of the gate I shot the following 4-shot group on a 3×3 box at 50 yards.

I’m not gonna get all scientifical or ballisticianistic*, but I did take a picture of the different yardages for your reference. Keep in mind this was 55 grain ball ammo, nothing match grade about it. The gun is definitely a shooter.

ADM Universal Improved Carbine

*Grunts: I made these words up.

I’m was a little sad when I took the rifle back home. I really enjoyed getting acquainted with her. If you’d like to get acquainted with one, or just want some more info on the UIC MOD 1 LE, watch the ADM website. You can follow American Defense manufacturing on Instagram @americandefensemfg.

Oh, and remember, everything ADM builds is built in-house, in Wisconsin, in America.

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