See the ADM Universal Improved Carbine at OTOA

American Defense Manufacturing (a member of JTF Awesome) and several models of its flagship Universal Improved Carbine blaster will be at the Ohio Tactical Officers Association conference this week. They’ll be located right by the main entrance in the right corner, booths 156 and 157. While you’re there you’ll also be able to check out Gemtech, CMC Triggers, and Vortex Optics. Later you can join ’em on the range to check out their Universal Improved Carbine (suppressed and rocking great optics, of course!).

The OTOA Conference begins today and runs through June 9th.

If you’re not sure what to ask about, we recommend you just pick your favorite flavor of bullet and find the appropriate Universal Improved Carbine (UIC) to suit your tastes. What’s the UIC you ask? Glad you asked. Here’s a look at it, courtesy of Third Eye K9.


The UIC MOD 2 is available in .223 Wylde, with a number of outstanding features (all built right there in one place). There’s also a Tungsten Tiger Stripe version (see that here) and of course the SOC-F rifle we’ve reported on before.

Prefer something in 9mm? They have two pistol caliber weapons, the UIC 9mm Carbine and the UIC 9 pistol (which utilizes the Shockwave Pistol Brace and KAK buffer tube, if you were wondering).

If you’re looking for something in .308, they have several options (though we’re not sure if all of them will be at the OTOA show):

UIC-10A BattleRifle (.308 Winchester M118 chamber, Nitride Criterion barrel, LANTAC EBCG, 2 stage match trigger, et al)

UIC-10A CSASS (Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System w/ 2-stage match trigger, 20 degree comp style mag well, .308 Win M118 chamber, Nitride Criterion barrel, LANTAC EBCG, Battlecomp 51T muzzle device, et al)

UIC-10A DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle, mid ground rifle between CSASS and Battle Rifle, q.v.)

UIC -10A Heavy Recon (20 degree comp style mag well, 2 stage match trigger, 16 in. .308 WIN M118 chamber, 416r Stainless Nitride Criterion barrel, et al)

One significant feature of all these is their ambi lower. Take a look.

Learn more on the ADM website or Facebook page.

You can follow events at the OTOA Conference by watching hashtag #2017OTOACofnf.

ADM and the Universal Improved Carbine can be stalked creeper-style on Instagram, @americandefensemfg.

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