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It’s a situation we must train for but hope we never face. Propper has some suggestions for gear to have on hand, should you ever respond to an Active Shooter.

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According to this chart, which is part of an FBI study of incidents occurring between 2000-2013, Active Shooter situations (or Active Killer, depending on your agency’s terminology) have increased annually by 16.4 incidents. This trend shows the necessity for realistic prevention efforts and aggressive training not just for LEOs but everyone who could be involved.

Yes, we at Breach-Bang-Clear are among those who believe even the school-age kids should know how to deploy a tourniquet and be prepared to fight back.

Image of FBI Chart of Active Shooter Situations 2000-2013
FBI Chart of Active Shooter Situations 2000-2013

Aside from rigorous training and the possession of the right mindset to meet the demands of facing an Active Shooter, police must also be equipped with gear that will effectively function throughout their response. Propper recently published an article on their blog about the three most necessary tactical gear items a police officer must have when responding to an active shooter incident.

 Hard Body Plate Armor

Image of Propper Critical Response Kit, Active Shooter Situation.
Propper Critical Response Kit

… many active shooters choose rifles over handguns because they are higher powered. Your soft armor is not rated to stop rifle rounds, leaving you vulnerable… Keeping a throw-on tactical vest such as a Critical Response Kit in the trunk gives you an in-conjunction-with (ICW) or Level IV stand-alone option that adds the extra penetration protection layer in front and back needed to stop higher velocity rifle rounds.

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Bailout Bag

Image of Propper Bail Out Bag, effective gear for an Active Shooter situation.
Propper Bail Out Bag

To keep extra rounds at the ready, consider a bailout bag that holds extra magazines on the outside for quick access. If you need to reload, it will likely be in the heat of battle, when you’re running on adrenaline and relying on your training. Therefore, mag pouches need to be on the outside so you can grab the extra mags without fumbling to unzip and dig through the bag.

Additionally, it’s recommended you keep medical supplies in your bailout bag, because in an Active Shooter situation you’ll likely need to attend to wounded victims while waiting for EMS. Suggested items include a trauma kit, quick clot, tourniquets, a CPR mask, bandages and latex gloves.

Ballistic Helmet

Image of the Propper ACHIII Helmet, appropriate gear for responding to an Active Shooter situation.
Propper ACHIII Helmet

At least one Orlando, FL police officer is very glad he was wearing a ballistic helmet in the early moments of the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016. The unidentified officer was shot in the front of his helmet, just inches above his exposed forehead, and lived to tell the story. While ballistic helmets are only rated to IIIA, in this case, it over-performed and stopped a .223 round.

You can read Propper’s full article here.

Agree? Disagree? Something else that should be in there?

We’ve run several previous articles about Active Shooter situations.  In particular, you may be interested in reading this article written by Chris Hernandez about Air Force Security Policeman Andy Brown. In 1994 he responded to the Fairchild Air Force Base mass shooting, and killed the shooter with only four rounds from his pistol at a distance of seventy yards, within two minutes of getting the call.

Additionally, you may be interested in the article about misidentification of the good guys who respond to the Active Shooter situation. There are two phrases discussed in the article: 1. “No one knows you’re the good guy,” and 2. “Not everyone with a gun is a threat.” You can read that article here.

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