A Cache Older than Your Grandfather

Okay, maybe older than your grandfather. If he fought in World War II, well it’s not older than him — but he would’ve been the right age to help put it together or put it to use.

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This is a story that has been making the rounds on Eastern European and Russian forums (don’t judge us; they have better porn sometimes if you’re into hairy women). Finding the original provenance has proven problematic, and we get distracted easily. The tale goes that five containers were recently found buried in a Latvian forest. Inside, the investigators found a full kit of weapons, detonators, and explosives likely intended for Nazi saboteurs. Either the location was reported incorrectly, they chickened out, or the abeyant antagonists met their makers before they could utilize the goods. Regardless, in the ground, the containers stayed.


We hope something similar to this was the last thing they saw

Grunts: Abeyant

As to the intelligence, or lack thereof, of playing with unknown septuagenarian ordnance you find in the woods? Many explosives degrade over time, and that sometimes makes life… exciting. Either way, Darwin did not win this day. Which is a good thing, otherwise we wouldn’t have a lot of pictures to pore over.

We’ll highlight some that we find interesting, and put up the rest for your consideration.

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Here’s what the containers looked like:

taynik_vov_06 taynik_vov_07

taynik_vov_08 taynik_vov_09

Inside? First, we see why that Mosin Nagant M91/30 hunk of junk rifle you bought for $80 at a pawn shop ten years ago was covered in a thick layer of cosmoline. Have a gander at this Nagant revolver:


Not too shabby for being in the ground so long. We daresay that if whoever made this cache were still alive they could make tens of dollars as an author for Paladin Press.

taynik_vov_27 taynik_vov_28

Blasting Caps, Grenades, Mines, Fuses, all manner of mischief making supplies:

taynik_vov_02 taynik_vov_03


taynik_vov_17 taynik_vov_46


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One particular item of note was an explosive formed to look like coal. The story has it that they were tossed onto the tenders of locomotives, so if when they were shoveled into the boiler it would wreak massive havoc–like the precursor to Project Eldest Son.


This photo actually caused one of our minions to dig through his old photos from Fallujah.


And any good sapper is going to need some tools of the trade. Knives, pliers, and the like:

taynik_vov_15 taynik_vov_32

taynik_vov_40 taynik_vov_51

There are additional photos at this link. Some with different angles, others with ammunition. Of course and as usual, we recommend you use a popup blocker. The full haul:


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2 thoughts on “A Cache Older than Your Grandfather

  • March 6, 2016 at 12:29 am

    Hell of a stash! Reckon some nuts shrunk up pretty tight a time or two….that would be a “normal” physiological response. It’s been my observation a time or two that some of y’all seem to fall outside of “normal” parameters. 🙂 That’s why I signed on at BB&C….

  • March 1, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    My HS Physical Sciences teacher was a machinegunner in WWII Europe. He told me about the TNT made to look like coal. He said they were issued it to leave behind when they would take and then retreat from villages. They would leave it next to the pot belly stoves that the enemy would use to keep warm. His story went that they would retake the village and find bodies around the exploded stoves. In essence, they made giant pipe bombs.

    I loved that guy but most of his students thought he was crazy.


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