Tenicor 2011 Holster With Light: Malus Sol

September 11, 2020  
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Designed for the Staccato 2011 and compatible with most railed 2011s and 1911s, TENICOR now has a dedicated Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) holster for your Surefire X300—The MALUS SOL—meant to conceal your weapon and its light.

Tenicor 2011 Holster With Light

(Also a 1911 x300 holster. )

What’s so special about this specific AIWB holster? Maybe the fact that Tenicor made a real effort (according to all the features they list) at concealing both the pistol and its light, while offering comfort and various adjustment options?

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TENICOR takes it a step further, making a pretty bold statement, claiming the MALUS SOL is more concealable than most non-light holster options—I guess it’s time for some other companies to step their game up.

How’d TENICOR make such a concealable holster/pistol/light combination?

Well, according to TENICOR, it has to do with the body contour of the holster. It’s specifically designed to fit your body and drive the top of the gun flush against the torso.

The grip also rotates to the wearer’s body when cinching the belt—attainable with the adjustable cramming bar.


Detachable and adjustable, the cramming bar comes in three sizes—1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2”.

More adjustment features come with the T1 belt clip, which provides an adjustable ride height, and is compatible with the VELO, SAGAX LUX, CERTUM, MALUS SOL, and 1.5” Belts.


MALUS SOL Highlights

  • Made with TENICOR’s Trucise fit, it gives the wearer a smooth and consistent draw (their words, not ours)
  • The MALUS SOL features a ride shirt guard to allow a thumbs-up grip
  • TENICOR also makes this holster so the belt doesn’t interfere with getting a full grasp on the gun
  • The MALUS SOL supports most conventional slide-mounted red dot sights—according to them—because it’s profiled at the top
  • TENICOR created a tall sight channel to allow for suppressor height sights and a round profiled bottom for comfort and threaded barrels
  • Dual tension screws included enabling subtle adjustments and security

MALUS SOL Sizing Options

Full: Full size, Government Model with 5″ barrel
Compact: Staccato P, C2, Commander, and Officer guns with 4.4″ or less barrel 

*Tested to fit the Nighthawk Custom, Chambers Custom (L10 Frame), Wilson Combat, Colt, Dan Wesson Firearms, and Springfield Armory.

Note from TENICOR: This is a working holster, and it WILL mar/wear the finish of your gun. Don’t buy it if you have a “Safe Queen.”

Read More About TENICOR Holsters:

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