Tenicor’s Velo: the best AIWB holster yet?

| August 15, 2018
Categories: Guns

Concealed carry holsters are not created equal. One of the brands we endorse is Tenicor USA (which is why we have a Tenicor discount code; several of our crew use them). 


After a decision by a special guest panel at TRIGGRcon, Tenicor’s Velo Holster has won the 2018 Golden Triggr Award.

Here is what Tenicor advises us:

Seattle, WA  – Tenicor, a design, development, and manufacturing company is proud to announce its win of the 2018 TRIGGRcon Golden Triggr Award for “most innovative accessory product.” The winners of these awards were determined by a guest panel of industry SMEs at TRIGGRcon 2018 in Bellevue, WA. Tenicor earned its Golden Triggr for the Velo holster.

Specifically designed as an appendix carry (AIWB) holster, the Tenicor Velo is purposefully designed to make your gun disappear. The Velo holster uses the camming action of a raised trigger bar to rotate the grip of the gun into the body while the lift of a multi-angled wedge simultaneously raises the muzzle away from the lower abdomen. This is complemented by the 25° slope of the wedge, which allows the holster to lie flat against the body. The result is an enhanced ability to comfortably carry a concealed pistol every day, even in athletic fit or tailored apparel. The Velo is secured with Tenicor T1 belt clips from Discreet Carry Concepts.  Tenicor-designed staggered vertical adjustment slots and dual tension screws provide a mechanism for subtle adjustment. Optional low profile closed belt loops, a style tested repeatedly by using them to do pull-ups, are also available.

Other features include:

  • Trucise fit molding to create a uniquely secure holster with a smooth and consistent draw.
  • A shirt guard is profiled to eliminate sight bite and provide an unimpeded high thumb grip.
  • A tall sight channel to allow suppressor height sights.
  • A top profile that supports most conventional slide-mounted red dot sights and bottom profile that works with numerous slide lengths and muzzle devices, including threaded barrels and muzzle brakes.
  • Dual tension screws enable subtle adjustments and security.
  • A unique arrangement of attachment points that allow the user to split a pant loop for better wear location flexibility.
  • Vertically adjustable Tenicor T1 belt clip allowing up to 0.45 inches of subtle ride height adjustment for precise wear preference. Staggered slots minimize overall length.
  • Optional low profile closed soft and snap loops available. (Compatible with the VELO & CERTUM for 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75” Belts.)
  • Weapon Mounted Light (WML) compatible models are planned for the future, but there is currently no more specific timetable.  They won’t be released until they are clearly a superior product.

Learn more on the Velo holster product page (https://tenicor.com/products/velo-aiwb-holster).

For additional information, including queries for large-scale agency purchase, contact info(at)tenicor.com.

Tenicor USA. Intelligently Designed. Uniquely Discreet.

Here are a couple of photos of the holster with some information:

Velo Holster image featuring information about the integrated grip concealment.

Velo Holster image featuring information about the enhanced muzzle wedge.

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