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Eyes On: Irox GTX Mid from LOWA


First Look: Irox GTX Mid from LOWA
Joe Neuroth

While browsing the plethora of booths at SHIT SHOT Show earlier this year, I stopped by the LOWA booth to say hello and see what sorta wonderful and splendiferous new footwear they might have coming out. I’m in the middle of a long-term review of the Innox Mid TF LOWAs (it’s going great so far, thanks for asking) and wanted to let them know how things were going.

Grunts: splendiferous.

Why am I just now talking about something that happened back in January? Because something weird happened with my Tinder account external hard drive and it took me awhile to recover my imagery. But I digress — so, whilst perusing their assorted displays, a brightly hued trekking boot caught my eye. It looked just different enough from the others to demand further attention. That boot turned out to be the Irox GTX Mid. It has a bit more presence than a brogan but substantially less bulk than classic, old school hiking boots.

LOWA Boots 4

What made the Irox stand apart aesthetically was the synthetic upper part of the boot, which has a pretty dope color scheme — and note the Irox has a big brother that’s constructed out of full grain leather. The purpose of the synthetic construction is flexibility and reduced weight.

Like all the other LOWAs we’ve got our hands on put our feet into, these look to be a much better wear than most anything else out there.

The Irox comes in at right about 1200 grams. Its big brother the Arco GTX Mid comes in at about 1400 to 1500 grams. This makes sense because in the trekking and hiking world grams = ounces, which = pounds (or something). If you have too many of those on your feet (pounds, I mean), you can’t move.

LOWA Boots 2

The Irox comes with Gore-tex and a medium stabilizer built into the boot. Another added feature is a rubber toe and heel cap for added protection. All these features add up the boot being light, flexible, and waterproof. Imagine something like a comfortable pair of athletic shoes you can wear trekking or hunting with good stability around your kankles.

LOWA Boots 1

These look like they’d be perfect for a short day trips or a hunting trip with what you have on your feet. I’m told they’ll be retailing for around $260, in multiple colors.

-Big Joe

[You can visit LOWA online here]

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