Down and Dirty: the Woolrich Elite Low Rise Pants

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January 16, 2015  
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Women seem to have issues with pants. Of this we have been assured by many females whose opinions we respect; seems like all of them prefer different brands and cuts. Today our favorite Themysciran takes a quick look at the Woolrich Elite Low Rise Pants. We’ll have her write up a more thorough review after she’s had time to really work ’em out. Mad Duo


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Grunts: Themyscira.

Down & Dirty: Woolrich Elite Low Rise Pants

These are great pants. I’ve worn them several times now and the material (a lightweight 100% cotton ripstop) is extremely soft. The fit is generous and while the waist is low-ish, it’s slightly higher than similar garments from Vertx, 5.11 Tactical and Under Armour. I find the rise to be similar to Propper’s “Women’s Tac Pants” and would call them a relaxed fit, as the thighs are more roomy than those brands. Pockets are generous and the front thigh pocket is big enough to hold a smart phone, but low enough that whatever you put in it doesn’t poke you when you sit down. There are dual rear pockets on each side, so you can put items in the smaller, higher up pocket and not be sitting on them. There is a little bit of elastic in the waist to accommodate longjohns in cooler weather, water weight, etc.

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The folks at Rogue Elite reached out recently and are offering women’s Woolrich Elite Low Rise pants to WTA members for $39.99.  That’s $20 off the regular price of $59.99.  Check out and enter coupon code LOW20 at checkout.  Rogue Elite has an $8 flat shipping fee to the lower 48 states, and free shipping on all orders over $150 to the lower 48 as well. There is no expiration on the coupon and you can use it over and over.


They’re currently available in even sizes from 2 to 18, though only in their Khaki color way (pictured). Side and front pockets have Velcro closures and the important seams are double-needle stitched and bar-tacked at stress points. They are super comfortable, but if I could change one thing about them I’d make the ankles just a little bigger to accommodate an ankle holster, as I don’t leave home without that. I tend to be on the nit-picky side when it comes to cargo pockets, and I’d like the side cargo pockets on thse to be slightly higher up. They’re a little low for my preference, but I like that fact that they are a good size, not too big, not too small. The overall excellent fit and design of these pants makes them definitely a solid purchase.Woolrich Elite Low Rise pants Womens Tactical Association 6

You can order them here. Rogue Elite has an $8 flat shipping fee to the lower 48 states and free shipping on all orders over $150; use the coupon as many times as you want, there is no expiration date.

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ANPRC_2012_PickrenFoto-188bout the Author: Mad Duo Kim is a native of Themyscira and a veteran LEOof many years. A peculiar melange of hawt and damn dangerous, she’s the President of the WTA, a featured instructor for the Women’s NRA and currently serves as the Rangemaster (Rangemistress?) of her department. In short, she is more woman than you will ever have and more man than you will ever be. Read more about her here.

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