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Wiley X WX Breach With Captivate Lens
February 4, 2020  
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Wiley X had a few things new for this year but the WX Breach covers two of them in one, so let’s break down what makes it different — Captivate polarized lenses, Dynamic Ventilation System, and Removable Facial Cavity Seal.

WX Breach – Options and Details

Frame Options

For starters, these glasses come in Kryptek Typhon camo, if that is your thing. You can also get them in matte black or matte brown.

Wiley X WX Breach In Kryptek Typhon With Captivate Polarized Lens

Wiley X WX Breach In Kryptek Typhon With Captivate Polarized Lens.

Polarized Lenses

The glasses that are shown in the image above sport a lens that is part of Wiley X’s new Captivate line of polarized glasses. The Captivate lenses help by highlighting and dimming certain parts of the visual spectrum of light. This can be used to block the annoying blue color of snow or help you see better at the range.

Ventilation System To Eliminate Fogging

The WX Breach is like a transformer for fogged lenses with the Dynamic Ventilation System. At the side of each frame is a pop open vent that increases the airflow going into the lens. I would have killed for something like this on humid days out on the lake or cruising around on my motorcycle.

Wiley X WX Breach With Dynamic Ventilation System

The Wiley X WX Breach With Dynamic Ventilation System: closed and open.

Seal To Keep Out Dust

The ventilation feature combines with a sneaky attachment in the back.

Wiley X WX Breach Removable Facial Cavity Seal

The Wiley X WX Breach Removable Facial Cavity Seal keeps out dust and other junk.

The rear of the Breach sunglasses has a Removable Facial Cavity Seal that helps block out dust and other particulate making these perfect for on the job. Oh did we mention these meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1? That means you can wear them as ballistics or safety eyewear. Some company’s health plans might even cover the purchase of these due to this cool new feature.

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