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Unity Tactical has made a name for itself, by providing a series of innovative mounting solutions in the form of their Fusion line. For many in and out of uniform, finding enough space on a SBR to mount all your lasers, lights and accessories can be a challenge. By creating a centralized “hub” to clamp to your forearm’s top picatinny rail, the user gains the ability to choose a workable solution for their optics while retaining the often-jettisoned back up front sight. While this system may not be applicable to all firearms and users, Unity Tactical has released a new product that will likely appeal to diehard fans of the black rifle. We had the opportunity to check out the new Monkey Bar, and see what it’s all about. 

Magpul has enjoyed success with their MBUS series of back up sights, namely their affordable polymer sets which are nearly as common as their magazines. With the release of their MBUS PRO sights, fans of the company gained a lightweight, low profile steel sight that’s hard to beat. Scroll through the gun forums, Instagram feeds or step out onto the range, and it’s as though the old polymer MBUS sights have disappeared in favor of the PRO. The popularity of the metal sights were also noticed by Unity Tactical, and influenced the design of the Monkey Bar. 


The Monkey Bar is a lightweight (only 0.2 ounces!) adapter bar which replaces the Magpul MBUS PRO mounting clamp for the front sight. By removing the factory clamp and swapping for the Monkey Bar, the user gains an extremely light and simple flashlight mount. The Surefire Scout light is undoubtably one of the most popular weapon lights currently available, and the Monkey Bar was designed with this in mind. Because the Magpul mounting clamp is located on the left side of the sight, this makes for a great minimalist setup with a single or dual battery Scout. By using the “clicky” recessed factory tail cap, the Monkey Bar places the light low at the 11 O’clock position on your forearm. This position reduces the light’s ability to snag, and also provides an unobstructed view over the top of your gun. For those using the “thumb over bore”, C-Clamp, or thumbs forward technique of grasping the forearm, the position will be ideal for engaging the weapon light’s tail cap.


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Alternately, the sight can be ran as far forward as your handguard will allow, extending the weapon light forward over the barrel or suppressor. This will help reduce barrel shadow and provide more options for mounting additional accessories. If one wishes, they can put the whole assembly on backwards which will allow the light to ride on the 1 o’clock position of the firearm. We tried this out, but it was kinda funky and just didn’t look right. Functionally it’s fine, but it’s aesthetically appalling. For those wishing to run the light on the right hand side of their blaster (particularly with a cable pressure pad) we would recommend looking at the Fusion hub instead. But for the ultra simplistic lovers of all things KISS and lightweight, you are going to dig the Monkey Bar.


The rigid aluminum adapter has some other uses as well, for those of you that don’t wish to use it in conjunction with a Scout light. The cut of the Monkey Bar matches up with other Fusion accessories, such as their Picatinny rail sections. The addition of a section of rail or 1” ring adapter will allow for use with other styles of weapon light or repurposed handhelds. 

Overall, it’s a really clever mount and a wise pick if you already run a MBUS PRO. The downside? It’s not cheap. The Monkey Bar is machined to tight tolerances to retain perfect fit with their other add ons, and the 6061-T6 aluminum is Type 3 Hardcoat anodized. Anything quality is going to cost you,(especially when its made here in the good ole’ US of A)  but considering the price of other quality mounts available the Monkey Bar is still priced competitively. The mount is strong, light and unobtrusive. If you are in the market for a new light mount and use MBUS Pro’s, we recommend taking a look at the Monkey Bar from Unity Tactical. 

 Visit Unity Tactical’s home page here, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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