Lowa Boots Review: Warm Weather Hiking Boot for Women

Lowa warm weather hiking boots - cute dog hiking partner.
June 9, 2020  
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It’s been a strange few months, evaluating this style of hiking boot from LOWA Boots. Spring 2020 has in no way been “just another” spring season. No, this spring has presented challenges that I don’t think any of us could have predicted. It may be the reality check my generation (Gen X: Born 1965 – 1976) needed, though. Our generation never faced challenges like those generations before us. Don’t get me wrong, we had wars and tragedies but this quarantine — can we even really call it “challenging times” as we see all over the internet and news?

I mean what we are going through today can’t even come close to what our parents and grandparents faced. Hell, my grandfather was born in 1910. Imagine going through WWI, great depression, WWII, Vietnam, the Korean War and so much more? The best part, the man never complained. He was always happy with what we had and had a genuine appreciation for just spending time with his family.

These last few months have been filled with non-stop complaining from people on social media, but I also have seen some great posts of people getting outside and re-discovering nature again.

Good for them, kinda lousy for someone like me that prefers fewer crowds when I’m out exploring.

Nature hiking - South Dakota.

When I’m out in nature I like to find places where there won’t be many other people around.

Since more people are getting outside these days and even more WOMEN are hitting trails I wanted to review a warm-weather hiking boot that would appeal to the girls. I’m very picky when it comes to active footwear, I’ve had 4 surgeries on my right ankle, so let’s just say I have standards that have to be met. I can’t stand a heavy boot weighing me down and this is where I always start when deciding on active footwear for hiking.

Hiking for mental and physical health.

Being out in nature does about as much for our mental health as it does for our physical health (and it’s a far more relaxed environment to this so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone“).

The balance between an athletic shoe and a sturdy hiking boot, is it possible?

Lowa warm weather hiking boots: Toro Evo LL MidW

I wanted a hiking boot that would be as flexible as an athletic shoe.

Toro Evo LL Mid Ws

My search has been just this, I want a lightweight hiking boot that performs like an athletic shoe, but is also be sturdy and supportive for rugged terrain. Am I asking too much? Hell no, and the folks at LOWA realized this need from many other people and were able to merge these two traits. After much research, I landed on the Toro Evo LL Mid Ws by LOWA Boots. Why? This boot claimed to combine an athletic lightweight feel with the durability and comfort people have come to expect from LOWA.

Lowa Toro Evo LL Mid Ws

Lowa Boots Toro Evo LL Mid Ws.

This boot is overall thinner than most hiking boots and has a lighter midsole. Weighing in at 415 grams makes this boot weigh just under 1 pound (per boot, not the pair). Now we are talking. I found my spring/summer hiking boot, now I gotta try ‘em out.

Lowa hiking boots rock climbing.

My hikes include all kinds of terrain, flat trails, to more technical rock climbing.

To break in any new shoes I always start with a few short walks around the block over a few days. Then I’ll get on a trail for a short 1-2 miles. Before I know it I’m getting in 4 miles hikes and starting to get a feel for how my foot is adapting to the new boots. These boots are LIGHT. My biggest criteria have been met. The lighter midsole makes this boot flex easy and at the same time gives maximum support underfoot. These boots are lined with glove leather so they are perfect for warm dry climates. They do make this boot with gore-tex for those who prefer a water-proof boot, but for my summer hiking, I prefer my boot sans gore-tex.

Lowa warm weather hiking boots - cute dog hiking partner.

My hiking partner patiently waits while I take a moment to rehydrate.

Ankle Support

This boot is hitting my mark yet again with the ankle support it provides. I hike on lots of rocky trails/difficult terrain out in the BlackHills of South Dakota, my feet are always going in different directions, this boot provides that stability I need to keep my ankle from rolling (I cringe just thinking about it.) This boot is perfect for day hikes and even when I’m carrying a heavier loaded bag (camera equipment) my feet are not getting fatigued and my ankle feels comfortably supported.

Lowa Toro Evo LL warm weather hiking boots ankle support and flexibility.

I am giving this boot a 10 for ankle support and flex!


Yup, it’s that. The leather upper is soft and form-fitting and the insole is in this boot is the Lowa ATC Footbed, which was designed to help keep your feet supported and comfortable through both day hikes and long treks into the mountains. They aren’t super squishy soft feeling, which makes a difference when you are on rugged terrain. The feel is just like“Goldilocks style”, not too soft, not too hard, just right. The lacing system is my favorite, standard lacing on the bottom and metal hook system up top. This boot gave me excellent stability in my ankle. The height is just where I like it and has that dip in the back, so it supports the sides but gives you room to flex on climbs and descents.

Hiking view of lake

it takes miles to get to the good views, I need a boot that will keep my banged-up ankle feeling strong and supported so I can go the distance.


Oh man, a high score here. I love the way this boot grabs the terrain. I trekked over rugged rocks, wet rocks, slick moss, and muddy trails, I never felt this boot slide out from under me, I hate hiking boots that do that. I felt confident with the way this boot grabs.

Lowa Toro Evo LL hiking boot traction - wet rocks.

Over wet rocks, slippery moss, rugged trails, the Toro Evo LL boot kept me secure in my footing.

Water Resistance

This is the non-GTX version (they do make this boot wth Gore-Tex) but I crossed several river crossings stepping in and never felt water in my boots. I never got fully submerged, but this boot kept me dry as I trekked through some rivers


I found the warm weather hiking boot I was looking for. This boot performs, is lightweight, moves great, offers amazing traction, and proved comfortable on short 2 mile hikes up to a long day of 9 miles and lots of elevation changes with a heavily loaded ruck. Grab a friend, load up your supplies and hit some trails.  You won’t be disappointed with the Lowa Toro Evo LL Mid Ws.

Lowa hiking boots with dog south dakota lake view.

It’s views like this that inspire me to#optoutside

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