Walther PPQ M2: Straight Outta the Box

Walther PPQ M2 Review (9mm)
February 8, 2024  
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It’s the 007 gun! Well, no, but close. Insert the Walther PPQ M2. After just 15 rounds at the range, I fell in love and decided to purchase it. Now, with well over 1,000 rounds through the firearm, I am comfortable and confident in talking about the performance and feel of this beauty. So sit back, grab a snack, and get a little more personal with the Walther PPQ M2. 

Walther PPQ M2

Zach Green

There are a handful of Walther PPQ M2 options available, including some in 9mm, .45 ACP and .22lr (among others). Depending on your preference, you might need to buy or trade for a used gun. A couple of years ago, Walther announced they’d be discontinuing the PPQ series in favor of the “Performance Duty Pistol” (PDF). The PPQs were all discontinued in late 2023. There are still new guns available; it’s just no longer being actively manufactured.

I’ll parse through different aspects of the pistol below. If you have any questions for me, hit me up in the comments below. 

But first…

Walther PPQ Specs at a Glance

PPQ = Polizeipistole Quick Defence or Police Pistol Quick Defence. 

  • Caliber: 9MM
  • Barrel Length: 4-inches
  • Action: Striker-fired
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Sights: 3-Dot Adjustable Low Profile
  • Trigger Pull: 5.6 lbs.
  • Trigger Travel: 0.4”
  • Capacity (standard, may vary): 15+1
  • Overall Length: 7.1”
  • Width 1.3″
  • Height: 5.3”

Walther PPQ M2

PPQ M2 9mm Ergonomics

The frame of the Walther PPQ is made of polymer and offers replaceable backstraps. Sizes come in small, medium, and large. When you add on the large backstrap you increase the trigger reach which is an added feature and benefit to some shooters. 


Kronos Knives Bayonet now available.


M2 Slide

There are not many bells and whistles with the PPQ slide, and the texture is not something one may label sticky. With standard forward-facing serrations, I found the serrations to be a bit more aggressive when comparing other similar pistols but where the PPQ differs is the tapered slide from top to bottom. This is an added benefit when it comes to gripping the slide. 

PPQ Sights

The Walther PPQ comes standard with plastic sights, which are not my favorite on any firearm. The sight picture is a little better when comparing other firearms in this class, but I recommend swapping for aftermarket sights like the Trijicon Night Sight for Walther (well, unless you opted for the factory night sights). Swapping these out for another more durable set is a breeze using a sight pusher. 

Walther PPQ

M2: Triggering It

When you first squeeze the trigger you are going to notice a heavier take-up which to some shooters may be unfamiliar and take a little getting used to. If you are simply looking at the trigger from take-up, you hit the wall then a bit of a harder trigger break. A positive note is that break is very clear, there is minimal to no creep once you complete your take-out, then a very short reset back to the wall. The trigger itself is silky smooth and light. The first time I squeezed the trigger I was surprised when the round when it off, which is a good thing, but I expected a much heavier pull.

Locking Back

A feature that varies from other firearms is the slide lock. As you can see above, the slide lock is oversized and can cause manipulation issues for those with larger hands. If you position your hands high up on the grip, you could inadvertently press the slide lock causing the firearm to malfunction. This feature could be an issue for some shooters. I have experienced no such malfunctions. 

9mm Walther PPQ M2

Mag Well and Magazine Release

The PPQ M2 offers an oversized circle button style option. Walther’s approach offers a slick and easy-to-find button release with texturing to ensure you find the mark each time you eject a magazine. 

The Walther PPQ offers a very slight bevel on the magazine well, which will assist in magazine changes. With the slight bevel, you may not notice a difference when it comes to increasing your magazine changes, and if you are considering competition shooting where magazine change speed is vital, you may want to consider alternative options. 

Quality Query

Some people feel like polymer frames (like that of the PPQ M2) feels like it’s of lesser quality than their metal cousins. Those folks might get that sense here, though I’m by no means saying the firearm feels or seems cheap or shoddy. The slide is very high quality, but note the matte black finish. If your gun is a carry gun, you’re going to begin noticing dings and scratches – but that’s just part of everyday carry (EDC).  

Shooting the PPQ M2 9mm

When it comes to shooting the Walther PPQ, it boils down to preference. I found shooters with smaller hands had an easy time manipulating this firearm. The PPQ is a great choice to build your fundamentals on. One complaint I encountered was the grip texture towards the bottom of the frame, near your palm. The texture can be a bit pointy giving a digging sensation. Over time, through normal wear and tear, this had been nonexistent. 

Recoil is manageable, chambered in 9mm, and offers minimal kickback. Once you squeeze the trigger you notice the recoil to be a bit snappier than other firearms meaning the shooter will feel the recoil more in their hands/forearms. Some shooters may feel negative but with a little practice and adjusting their technique, all shooters should have no issue in controlling and keeping their firearm on target.


M2 Value Assessment

MSRP: $649.00 but can be found much cheaper ($579.00) through various sites like OmahaOutdoors.com or Guns.com. At a middle-of-the-pack price point, you are going to be paying a little extra for the slide lock, trigger, and magazine release. The PPQ pictured is in OD Green (olive drab), which is the reason for the higher price tag. 

Final Answer? 

From the moment I picked up the PPQ the grip melted in my hand. It was as if this pistol was designed just for me. Each time I take it out on the range, everyone comments about how the PPQ feels in their hand. At a price point of $579, the PPQ is competitive when comparing other big named polymer firearms on the market today. Factor in the lighter trigger pull, great grip, and excellent reliability the Walther PPQ M2 is a solid choice for any new or experienced shooter in the market for a new firearm.


Disclaimer and Training Caution

This is just a simple opinion piece. While it’s an honest review of my time spent with the PPQ M2 9mm, it’s hardly exhaustive and shouldn’t be the only part of your diligence when choosing a handgun. Preference is always going to be a consideration, and there are many factors that determine preference. I strongly encourage anyone interested in the Walther PPQ M2 or any firearm to seek range time and put hands on. Don’t rely solely on the opinion of just one or two reviewers online. Do some research. Ask some questions.  Put some rounds downrange! 

Walther PPQ M2 Manufacturer Description

Note: This is Walther’s own description of the pistol. As such, it is predictably grandiose. Take that into consideration. 


Extraordinarily comfortable and genuinely elegant, advancing both efficiency and ergonomics for self-defense handguns in ways never thought possible before. The PPQ is the ultimate definition of effectiveness.

The PPQ is the handgun that has the entire industry talking. The quick-defense trigger is known as the best striker-fired trigger by nearly every critic. The ergonomically designed grips fit the hand like a familiar pair of gloves, providing a uniquely accurate natural point of aim.

You’ll have to feel it for yourself to believe it.

The interchangeable backstraps allow you to tune your grip, giving you a perfect, straight-back trigger pull. This adjustability also provides access to the magazine and slide releases without shifting your hand. Designed for right and left-handed shooters, the PPQ M2 features an ambidextrous slide stop and reversible button-style magazine release.

Out of the box, the PPQ is one of the most versatile pistols on the market! The size and capacity make it an excellent option for concealed carry, home defense, duty use, recreational, or competition shooting. Feel the excellence of Walther suited to your needs with the PPQ, a handgun that defines both efficiency and performance.


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1 Comment

  1. Russ

    I’ve owned, and carried a PPQ M1 .40, since it’s introduction, and find that Walther has gone backwards in innovation and ergo dynamics with all pistols offered since.
    Biggest issue was changing from an ambidextrous paddle magazine release to the old button version.
    Because of the “Button” mag release, the M2 has a small portion at the bottom of the trigger guard, next to the grip that sticks out and digs into the side of your middle finger, which is slightly bothersome, and leaves a red mark bruise after prolonged range use, this is instantly noticed by those used to shooting the M1, which does not have that there.
    Also, one can stay on target without shifting either hand used, while changing mags with the M1, as it requires your trigger finger to move less than a quarter inch to activate.
    The button mag will cause the shooter to tilt the gun to access a release with your strong hand’s thumb, which takes away from your sight picture, unless you train to use your weak hand’s thumb, but you’ll have to retrieve your new mag after that function, and not all in one motion, as one is able to do with the M1’s paddle release.
    If you’re an old dog not willing to learn more proficient tricks, then the M2 is for you.
    Otherwise, if you want the best semi auto pistol in the world, and the best Walther ever made; seek the PPQ M-1.
    *originally designed for 9mm, which would be this model’s functional best choice; I would recommend .40 cal for supreme ballistics.


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