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VIKTOS ZERO Dark jacket
| December 4, 2021
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Let me start this off by saying, first and foremost, I am not an officer, not military; I’m just a responsibly armed civilian that enjoys training and learning ways to be more proficient in my weapon handling. I hope to “not just master the fundamentals of marksmanship, but to also learn as much as I can about being a good human, controlling my emotions, and practicing compassion as much as I practice my skills of weapon manipulation and situational awareness.” That quote is from trainer Daniel Shaw; it resonates with me, and I feel many other people also want to achieve this. 

In my quest to constantly challenge myself and learn new things, I’m also trying new gear to find what makes me comfortable and helps me push myself. Here are some items that checked all my boxes.

The ZERO DARK Jacket from VIKTOS

In my mind, I’ve wanted a jacket that would lend itself more appropriate for concealed carry. I’ve been in many classes where we push articles of clothing aside to draw our weapon, and I’m always a little clumsy with this drill. Once I discovered the ZERO DARK Jacket from VIKTOS, I had to order it, knowing it would more than likely be too big as it is only available in men’s sizes.

VIKTOS ZERO Dark jacket

(Psssst….Hey VIKTOS, make this jacket in women’s sizes, or at least something on the same idea; girls need gear like this too.)

I ordered the size small, and I love this jacket. Yes, it’s a little big on me, but I can get by with it. It is an insulated jacket, so it’s perfect for many seasons. I can layer up it when it’s colder or wear it over a t-shirt in warmer temps. It’s also super lightweight, so I can easily roll it up and stash it in my ruck for hikes. It has a hood stowed away in the collar if it starts to rain, and the jacket material is water-resistant.

VIKTOS ZERO Dark Jacket pockets

This jacket has the best pockets. Pockets for days. Pockets for extra magazines (rifle or pistol), my phone, my wallet, my keys, a blade, you name it, I can fit it!

The best part about this jacket, the zip-up access to my pistol. No more fumbling around like I was in class to push my outwear out of the way. Dudes, I’m sure you will like this jacket as well, I showed it off to a friend of mine, and he was very impressed; he couldn’t get his big cross-fit sized arms into my size small sleeves, but said he could see himself ordering one in his size. 

 ZERODARK insulated jacket

  • Attackposture fit
  • Fitelite poly chassis
  • Dupont Teflon water-resistant coating
  • 100 gram Thermolite core insulation
  • 4-way spandex articulated arms
  • Gunvent sidearm access zippers
  • Reinforced elbows
  • Interior access pockets
  • AK chest cargo pockets
  • Collar stowed hood
  • U.S. veteran designed & developed
  • 1 year workmanship & materials warranty

VIKTOS LEO Vented Glove

I also ordered the women’s LEO vented glove for warmer temp days on the range. They are super flexible, and I like the integrated loop to quickly pull my second glove once my first hand is gloved. The venting is good, the fit is perfect, but one finger had some stitching poking me; I just turned them inside out and cut that Lil annoying guy out.

VIKTOS LEO vented glove holding AR

I can grip my pistol and rifle great with these gloves, and honestly, that’s all I’m concerned with. I’m sure others that use them for full-time work would have stricter boxes to check.

They are phone compatible, which isn’t something I’m too concerned with, but I’m sure others would be. Overall these are comfortable gloves and an excellent choice for warm weather! Not going to lie; my Nomex flight gloves are still my favorite, though.

Women’s LEO duty glove vented 

  • Padded mesh chassis
  • Laser cut ventilation holes
  • AX suede laredo palm
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Backside wrist cinch closure
  • U.S. veteran design & developed
  • 1 year workmanship & materials warranty

And a Cozy VIKTOS Sweatshirt

Lastly, I ordered a sweatshirt since I don’t have anyone I can steal one from.

VIKTOS Sweatshirt

The size small fits me perfectly.

Sara Liberte in Viktos sweatshirt

It’s super soft and, cozy.

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