Vehicle CQB Instructor Course

The TTPOA (Texas Tactical Police Officers Association) is going to be hosting a Patrol Vehicle CQB Instructor course 24-26 FEB in Bryan, TX. The class will cover the various exigencies (grunts: exigency) of fighting in and around a vehicle – things like cover and concealment with regard to the relative ballistic protection merits (if any) of glass, vehicle doors, engine blocks, wheels, etc. Drills will incorporate adverse shooting platforms, weapon manipulations (always problematic at very close quarters and while climbing around inside a vehicle while someone tries to lay some hate down on you) and of course the engagement of threats in, around, under, around and over vehicles. Maybe through them too. Instructors will include Officer William Petty of the TTPOA and Steve Fisher.

Obviously LEOs are okay to attend – military personnel should check. We don’t know the TTPOA’s policy. The NTOA, CATO and others have allowed military personnel to attend classes in the pass, and some time ago we sent some Marine and Air Force minions to a class down there, but that was a loooong time ago. You’ll need to ask them. As for non-LEO and military…we doubt it, but you could check.

More information here.

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